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  1. eaglesbaby

    eaglesbaby Member

    I updated my phone to ICS this morning and the battery is down to 30% after 6.5 hours! I was previously getting 30 hours. I restarted my phone after I noticed it was down to 60% thinking there was a program running, but on powerup it continued to drain. The phone is also very hot.

    What's up?


  2. Gatman

    Gatman Well-Known Member

    There are already several posts about this...please look around a bit.
  3. eaglesbaby

    eaglesbaby Member

    I've look around. I've done the factory reset. I'm down to 15% from 60% in 45 minutes. Lol. I'm not even touching it.
  4. taDROID

    taDROID Member

    have you reset your cache?
  5. r9ball

    r9ball Active Member

    Do you leave these on?
    Background Data
    WiFi searching
  6. rcyphermd

    rcyphermd Well-Known Member

    How do you do that?
  7. eaglesbaby

    eaglesbaby Member

    I've done all those things - I never leave them on.
  8. arparaspolo

    arparaspolo Well-Known Member

    FDR your phone. Charge it to 100%. That should help. If it doesn't, well, you may need to get it replaced.
  9. mishmosh2000

    mishmosh2000 Well-Known Member

    Hopefully after a few drain/recharge cycles, the true battery level should show. If not, look up the updated kernel thread in the root subforum. I had the same battery drain issue. Lost 30% within an hour--not right. Since the .214 kernel update, it has been back to normal.
  10. Stone Cold RN

    Stone Cold RN New Member

    1. Power down the phone
    2. Press and hold down power and both volume buttons
    3. A menu will pop up. Use volume down to highlight Recovery.
    4. Press volume up to select Revovery
    5. You will see an android on it's back with a red triangle
    6. New menu will pop up.
    7. Use volume down to highlight "Wipe Partition Cache"
    8. Press power button to select
    9. After complete, use volume down/up button to highlight "Reboot"
    10. Press power button to select
    The wording may be a little different on the menus, but these are the steps.
  11. Stone Cold RN

    Stone Cold RN New Member

    On another forum, there is a leaked .215 leak that appears to be very stable on my Maxx. I have see many posts that say it has helped the battery issue and many to the opposite. My wife's razr has similar battery issues and the rep replaced it because I completed the factory reset. There have been some issues with ICS and the screen coming on by itself. My wife works in the morning so she cannot be on her phone during those hours and yet the screen on time shows 4+ hours by noon and the battery is almost dead.
  12. Twin

    Twin New Member

    I tried several things on my Droid RAZR with no help:
    Factory Data Reset
    Change to LTE/CDMA only
    Train the battery meter

    But yesterday
    1. I cleared the cache from the boot menu method
    2. Changed wi-fi setting to keep wi-fi on "only when plugged in".
    3. Added a Smart Actions Rule "Battery Extender" available from the choices
    When display off
    And no motion
    and not charging
    turn off GPS
    disable background sync
    disable cellular data
    4. Disabled autosync of several apps and widgets (Pulse, Currents, ESPN Score Center, Android Photo Widget).
    5. Disabled recurrent alarm (I'll set it every night from now on)

    I charged my phone last night while on. When I first woke this morning, I verified that Wi-fi was on and battery at 100%. I unplugged the phone and let sit for 4 hours. When I rechecked the phone, the phone had indeed gone into deep sleep and wi-fi turned off, and smart actions had turned everything off. I immediately checked the battery status and it was at 100% with phone idle consuming the most at 17%. I have used the phone for the last hour constantly, and the battery is showing 90% with display using 43% and Android OS 13%.

    I'll accept that. Verizon/Google are supposed to have an update in August to fix the battery drain problem with ICS.

    Update: Phone has been unplugged for 12 hours, with moderate use for the last 8 hours. Battery still at 80% with display using 61% and android OS using 15% as the two most power hungry apps.
  13. Flyboy28802

    Flyboy28802 Well-Known Member

    I am running stock .211 non-root, did a factory reset with cache wipe. GPS off, changed to CDMA\LTE, made a few light calls and downloaded a few apps from google play. My Android OS is sitting at 30% with 4 hours keep awake. I am not sure what is going on to keep it awake that lone. This looks to be a common problem I am seeing. Any suggestions, I would like to remain stock for right now and not have to root.

  14. sftl97

    sftl97 Active Member

    How long does this take? I got as far as the android with the red traingle and it's been on that screen for 15 minutes...
  15. JB in AZ

    JB in AZ VIP Member VIP Member

    At this point, it is waiting for input from you.

    ...The phone will do a little reboot thing, display the dual core logo thing and then an Android next to a triangle with a yellow exclamation point will appear. At this point press the volume up and volume down buttons at the same time.

    Then continue with your step 6....
  16. sftl97

    sftl97 Active Member

    Guess i should have been a bit clearer...it was after the press of vol. up/down that the image never changed...
    tried again and seems to be ok now....


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