ICS COMING TO AT&T Note users JULY 10General

  1. Wildbill21

    Wildbill21 Member

    Phonedog.com has confirmed ATT people will get ICS on July 10th! Thank you Jesus!!!

  2. damewolf13

    damewolf13 live~laugh~love VIP Member

    Could you possibly get a link to post for people to read the article?:)
  3. johnb41

    johnb41 Well-Known Member

    Wow, finally!! Too bad last week I rooted and installed an ICS ROM. At least us rooted users are just an easy step away to Jellybean once ROMs for it roll out. :)
  4. Wildbill21

    Wildbill21 Member

    Yeah i don't think we're getting jelly bean anytime soon :-(
  5. SuzukiDuki

    SuzukiDuki Member

    Finally! Eff Yeah!
  6. johnb41

    johnb41 Well-Known Member

    It's just so hard to get so excited about ICS after Jellybean was announced last week, and looks so awesome. ICS seems so outdated right now.
  7. shmelty

    shmelty Member

    I just checked with kies and I got my update!
  8. Peaches037

    Peaches037 Well-Known Member

    Do I need to use a computer to use klies? My laptop is down and my boyfriends desktop is old as dirt.. Can I use my tablet perhaps?
  9. Loren

    Loren Well-Known Member

    Ditto here.
    Upgrading now.
  10. Talderon

    Talderon Well-Known Member

    Check with your Kies software, it is already available.

  11. Peaches037

    Peaches037 Well-Known Member

    How do I do that?
  12. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

    Just updated...screen color and contrast not so "over saturated" as before. No need to use "Screen Adjuster" app any longer. I hope this translates into better battery life.
  13. BWOMP

    BWOMP Member

    Just updated...so excited!!
  14. SuzukiDuki

    SuzukiDuki Member

    1) Download Kies software for PC from interwebs.
    2) Start Kies Sofware on PC.
    3) Connect your Galaxy Note to PC
    3) Download the ICS greatness! :)
  15. therad1

    therad1 Active Member

    I updated earler today and I am impressed...NFC, Android beam, face unlock...4.0.4 is really nice on the Note. I have just to wait and see the battery life (GB battery was awesome for me) but the UI of ICS is great! Even TWiz is running smooth but I prefer Holo Launcher on ICS. I am glad I waited to root and ROM my phone to save going back to stock just for the update.
  16. Peaches037

    Peaches037 Well-Known Member

    Thank you very much for the info... I'll try to update when I get home...
  17. droidcentric

    droidcentric Well-Known Member

    Everything related to ICS for the Note is here SAMSUNG
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  18. caryrae73

    caryrae73 Well-Known Member

  19. therad1

    therad1 Active Member

    It appears it didn't come with it but I found a copy in my dropbox folder and was able to install it no problem.
  20. vice86

    vice86 Well-Known Member

    So is it even worth unrooting, going back to stock and upgrading to official ics?
  21. caryrae73

    caryrae73 Well-Known Member

    I am new to android how did you get it on your Note? Is it an app?

    Nevermind I found the AT&T visual voicemail app in the store that is working fine.
  22. therad1

    therad1 Active Member

    I'm sure, as with the SII release, the Dev's will use a sytem dump to post up a .tar file with root already. If you have the patience just wait it out.

    Here is a copy...just install it as any .apk then check the market for an update.
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  23. Peaches037

    Peaches037 Well-Known Member

    I'm having a hard time with using Kies... I downloaded the file but now I can't find it.. I typed my url address in the bar and it says the Page I'm looking for can't be found.. What am I doing wrong here?
  24. therad1

    therad1 Active Member

    It is an .exe file that downloads first, it should have just given you the option to run it, check your under your start button for new programs...it is windows right?

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