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  1. malcster

    malcster Well-Known Member

  2. TheBrit

    TheBrit Well-Known Member

    That looks interesting.
  3. Omar Days

    Omar Days Well-Known Member

    Won't probably see ics 'til September if you're branded though :(
  4. andy_3_913

    andy_3_913 Well-Known Member

    could be right. though vodafone are usually pretty quick off the mark
  5. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    I wonder if they have some sort of special deal with HTC? They're always first of the carrier branded versions to get it and generally release at the same time as HTC do the unbranded release.
  6. lucids

    lucids Well-Known Member

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  7. malcster

    malcster Well-Known Member

  8. malcster

    malcster Well-Known Member

    I think on the 2.3 update vodafone got theres a week or so before my unbranded set got it

    Just glad its coming
  9. Netherdragon

    Netherdragon Well-Known Member

    ics would give my phone the lift it needs to get me through the rest of my contract i think.

    as long as it doesn't cripple it im happy.

    A few weeks sounds awsome.
  10. TheBrit

    TheBrit Well-Known Member

    Android 2.3.5/Sense 3.0 was quite a lift. Looking forward to ICS though. :)
  11. Shonan

    Shonan Well-Known Member

    would be nice to have solid camera/video
  12. BrutalUK

    BrutalUK Well-Known Member

    Yes it would be great! That's the only main drawback on ICS custom roms.
  13. Jaffa

    Jaffa Well-Known Member

    My wife got her ICS update on Sensation(Unbranded) yesterday, hopefully Desire HD wont be too far away!
  14. BrutalUK

    BrutalUK Well-Known Member

    If I remember rightly branded Vodafone phones get the updates pretty quick after release. Well it did with Gingerbread. I remember unbranded users weren't to happy!
  15. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Yeah, I recall they got the update a couple of days before branded users.
  16. eddiewawa

    eddiewawa Well-Known Member

    so...will you DHD users wait till ICS comes out or make the jump to the HTC One series/Sammy GS3?

    a few weeks back i was actually content with my DHD, ICS would have been a bonus, but after having a play with the One X i was like ooooooo.....
  17. BrutalUK

    BrutalUK Well-Known Member

    Well I can't upgrade til July so by then both phones should have been around a while to get reviews on. Did I hear correctly that the HTC One has already had or is getting a firmware update to fix the battery drain???

    I do like the look of the HTC One, but I still like my trusty Desire HD.;)
  18. andy_3_913

    andy_3_913 Well-Known Member

    i have nearly a year left, so no choice!
  19. njlieck

    njlieck Member

    Not sure where the 'few weeks' is coming from? The post clearly states that HD updates will come 'later this year' which to me implies at least a few months.
  20. BrutalUK

    BrutalUK Well-Known Member

    TBH I think no one knows when it will happen. Different carriers will update their phones before others so you may have to wait longer or be the first.:)
  21. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    There was link in the first post was to a thread on XDA which showed an apparent email conversation between a DHD owner and HTC tech support. The Tech guy claimed ICS would be here within a matter of weeks.

    As the initial thread has been taken down, I presume it was proven as false so malcster updated his link.
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  22. malcster

    malcster Well-Known Member

  23. dudley02

    dudley02 Member

    Being hounest id rather wait an extra couple of months and have a stable build from HTC for my unbranded DHD than have them rush the release and we end up with all sorts of problems.
  24. tobyfry8

    tobyfry8 Well-Known Member

    Will i miss this as i have a rooted DHD, or will there be a way to flash the ROM?
  25. D-U-R-X

    D-U-R-X turbo drinker Moderator

    If your phone is rooted, you won't be able to get official updates from HTC/your carrier but I am sure that, when it is released on the DHD, a custom ROM based on the official release will not be far behind.

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