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  1. gondor

    gondor New Member

    Does anyone know if the US Rom works on UK models? Camel Chops?

  2. burtie1980

    burtie1980 Member

    Thanks jigjag... just had a read now. It looks straight forward enough. I take it this is suitable for wifi only uk xooms? I am very tempted to give it a whirl but a bit scared at the same time. I rooted my android phone about a year ago which was easy enough so I hope this goes as well as that!
  3. burtie1980

    burtie1980 Member

    Yeah it wasn't really my intention to root, I just wanted to turn my xoom into a GED to get the ics update quicker. So let me see if I get this right: I unlock my xoom first and then install the GED fies from the moto site. After doing that it's just a straight forward OTA update?
    Also which files exactly do I have to download from the moto dev web site? I am currently using 3.2 MZ604.
    So I take it I will be installing the USA stock wifi rom? Will this also wipe my xoom completely?

    Sorry about all these questions lolz

  4. jigjags

    jigjags Active Member

    Yeah it will wipe your xoom so backup data 1st to the sd card or wherever.
    yeah download from http://developer.motorola.com/products/software/ the files for the MZ604 US Wifi only i think its labelled Build HWI69 for US Retail on the site then use the Xoot tool again to GED flash your device the instructions in the post for XOOT are pretty straight forward.
  5. jigjags

    jigjags Active Member

    once you have the GED files installed you follow the setup wizard on the device and then let it run the OTA updates ..mine updated to 3.2.1 then sat for a day before running to ICS this morning ...but it should run to ICS straight away now i would think.
    from the stock rom there are 4 or 5 updates though to get it to ICS.
  6. jigjags

    jigjags Active Member

  7. burtie1980

    burtie1980 Member

    Excellent thanks pal :)
    I've started downloading the files now... I also noted on the moto dev site that they have the MZ604 files for Europe, I take it that is the stock rom that iam currently using and was on my xoom when I bought it? If so I might grab that download to just in case I want to go back one day :)
  8. Camel Chops

    Camel Chops Active Member

    I bought my Xoom while I was in Las Vegas last year but I live in the UK. Everything works fine and I updated to ICS this morning. There's not a massive amount of difference but so far I've had no problems
  9. mjpartyboy

    mjpartyboy Well-Known Member

    I've got a UK Wi-Fi Xoom (MZ604), so if I follow the GEDify guide up until the part about rooting, does that mean I will still have an unrooted and official GED Xoom that is capable of receiving Google's own OTA updates without any problems?

    Also, how does this affect the use of Google Play? I haven't noticed any apps I use say they are country specific, but will going GED affect this?
  10. jigjags

    jigjags Active Member

    no it wont affect use of Google Play ..that uses your region from your IP address or DNS ...although if you want to change that you can ...but thats another topic altogether.
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  11. mjpartyboy

    mjpartyboy Well-Known Member

    I've got some more questions:

    1) Can this process be done again to put it back to 'MZ604_H.6.2-24_Retail_Europe' from 'MZ604_HWI69' if needs be and does this European ROM include Motorola's pre-installed apps, such as Quickoffice HD, MotoPrint, etc?

    2) None of the guides say to re-lock the Xoom, whereas the Motodev instructions do. Is unlocking and then re-locking a one time process? What effect does it have leaving it locked or unlocked?

    3) Once the US firmware is on there and providing I don't then root it, is the Xoom now a GED that will receive OTA updates from Google without any problems or do you have to re-lock it to achieve this?

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