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  1. Wood-Duck

    Wood-Duck New Member

    Since ICS upgrade, the standard e-mail program fails to download e-mail attachments from my provider (Net@ddress). This happens whether I try to do it manually or when I have the option "Download attachments" checked. Now when I open the e-mail and select the Attachments tab, it shows a continuously running progress bar as though it is downloading. However, it never completes the download. My Gmail account works fine, but not Net@ddress.

    I had no issues with Android 3.2.1 prior to the update. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

  2. ChrisMagerman

    ChrisMagerman New Member

    I'm having the same problems.
    Gmail ok, but can't download attachments from my work email account. Used to be no problem proir ICS.
  3. TwinSac

    TwinSac Active Member

    I'm having the same issue. I did a search and this old thread came up. Did you guys find a cure?
  4. ChrisMagerman

    ChrisMagerman New Member

    The problem is gone, but I don't know the cure, sorry. All of a sudden everything was ok.
    Most of the time, there's no problem. Sometimes it is al long wait but the download succeeds.
  5. sreeram700

    sreeram700 New Member

    You might need to clear the cache of the Download Manager. Go into:

    Settings -> Apps -> All (tab) -> Download Manager
    Here tap Clear cache and for good measure Clear data

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