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ICS, finally stable? What is panorama camera?

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  1. Please help me figure out what the panorama camera is, and if it will ever work on ICS builds for the ov.

  2. CuriousNoob

    CuriousNoob Well-Known Member

    Panoramic camera works on our device, yes. BobZhome and TheKraven got it working. It works, just a bit chunky.

    Youtube it and you will be amazed :p
  3. Wait, which rom on bobzhome has it working?
  4. CuriousNoob

    CuriousNoob Well-Known Member

    Bobz rom, I forgot. Maybe his CM9, if not, then Cold as Ice has it. You can flash it amd flash Alpha 17 Virgin Fix.
  5. What is alpha 17 virgin fix and where can I get it?

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