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  1. 9999

    9999 New Member

    Hi .. I am from india am using NOTE with 2.3.6
    When i checked software upgrades it showed me 71 mb data to be upgraded. I downloaded it with Wifi and installed it after rebooting it says cannot be upgraded chk with samsung kies or service center. I did it thrice but same. I used samsung kies for same puprose but in my browser its not showing firmware update option just basic options its showing. Any help.

  2. Eluviet

    Eluviet Well-Known Member

    hey buddy

    u need to take it to the service center and have it replaced.....
  3. sgtbilko80

    sgtbilko80 Member

    Agreed. My wife's 2nd note had that issue even after deep reset & it had to be exchanged

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