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  1. ramdasci

    ramdasci Member

    my phone is having Android 2.3.4 version, can I update it to ICS???? Pls note i dont want to root my phone.

    Is there anyone who can help me????

    Ninad do you have any solutions????

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Amarghy

    Amarghy Well-Known Member

    buddy.....these days both ninad and varun seem to be busy.

    You should direct it to DG, Ayush or mastermind.

    Btw full port of ICS isn't possible without the kernel code....unless its released by the mmx company itself. :)

    plus...projects are being undertaken by devs to fully-theme the UI with ICS-look alike. So you have to wait.
    Although Varun has already provided a ICS theme with his JetMod ROM.

    But finally....the sad news for you is that all of these ROMS are pre-rooted.
  3. ramdasci

    ramdasci Member

    thanks, hope it will be released soon or our great Heros will crack it very soon!
  4. firoz

    firoz Well-Known Member

    You dont want to root your phone ,Why?:confused:
    Without rooting you can not install or upgrade your phone bcoz MMX do
    not provide any official update to your phone.
  5. ramdasci

    ramdasci Member

    if i want to root, is there a ICS update???? Can u help me????
  6. 545himanshu

    545himanshu Active Member

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