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  1. tennisman166

    tennisman166 New Member

    So, I'm really interested in buying the Galaxy R but with Ice Cream Sandwich just released, I wouldn't want to get stuck on Gingerbread. So what do you think? Will this phone get ICS or not?

  2. dasram

    dasram Member

    Surely it will get ICS sooner or later!! Please wait. The update has not yet arrived for any of the Samsunggalaxy devices yet.
  3. VincentAnoid

    VincentAnoid Well-Known Member

    It has been announced, it will get it
  4. lostindestiny

    lostindestiny New Member

    It will get ICS sooner or later
  5. acceptme

    acceptme Member

    It has been officially announced by Samsung that the ics update is coming in Q2. Enjoy.. You have made a good decision.
  6. sk8erboi

    sk8erboi New Member

    is there a custom rom for ICS available for R ?

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