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ICS hasn't pushed to my phone yet-wtfGeneral

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  1. mrryanthai

    mrryanthai Well-Known Member

    Just reactivated my Lucid and went to update Software.I get an error.Help?

    edit:got it.Phone was just slow

    edit:How do I remove CWM from my phone,update's not going through cause of it.

    edit:Removed CWM and getting failed updates...

  2. CoreyOli

    CoreyOli Well-Known Member

    I understand you're frustrated but you currently have three posts for this... Plug the phone into your computer and upgrade that way... Many of us had to upgrade that way...

    Good luck...

  3. mrryanthai

    mrryanthai Well-Known Member

    Haha yeah :/

    Tried that as well.Also did a factory reset.Still getting...

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  4. mrryanthai

    mrryanthai Well-Known Member

    Forgot to mention that when I plugged it in my computer,it says it was already updated.

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