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  1. cwright87

    cwright87 New Member

    I have been recently using the ICS launcher from syndicate apps. It was working great until I had to reboot my phone. Now when after a reboot and I swipe the screen to unlock it a message come up saying the ICS application needs to force close. When I force close it, the message just keeps coming back. My phone is not rooted or anything. I could really use some help since I can't use my phone as it is right now

  2. LaTuFu

    LaTuFu Well-Known Member Contributor

    Have you tried rebooting the phone again?
  3. cwright87

    cwright87 New Member

    Yeah I did that. I ended up having to do a reset with the volume button held down etc.... It got set s my defult home page or whatever and got caught in a sort of force close loop, I guess you could call it. Thanks

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