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  1. maximusx8

    maximusx8 Member

    the update from Sony to Android 4.0 has made my phone slow.. compared to wat is was wit 2.3 Android.. Apps keep crashing.. Phone hangs.. apps respond slower.. do any of u face a similar prob?

  2. amtzone

    amtzone Member

    use the custom rom...better on neo v...:D
  3. vetdrchandan

    vetdrchandan Member

    I too getting frustrated about its slowness after updating to android 4. it was fast on 2.3.4
  4. mustang2012

    mustang2012 Member

    I also updated my NeoV to ICS 4.04 and it got slow and started having weird problems. I tried everything to make it stable but got no improvements, so I went to Sony service center and got my phone downgraded to Gb 2.3.4, now it is working fine.
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  5. nrcsathish

    nrcsathish New Member

    Am using neo v ,the phone slow ple help me for this
  6. Pierloha

    Pierloha Member

    I won't beat around the bush.. I'll tell you how to solve it.. But, are you ok with rooting your phone and installing a custom ROM? and adding a few hacks to speed up your phone?
  7. maximusx8

    maximusx8 Member

    Somehow Sony screwed it over wit the upgrade.. i dont think it was suitable for ICS.. but m still using it n getting use to it.. no other choice.. dont wana use a rom or any hack. if i mess up my phone will get fried.. never have i bin so disappointed by sony b4.. but its still ok i guess.. cant hate Sony.. :D
  8. Pierloha

    Pierloha Member

    Do a hard reset of the phone and everytime the phone slows down or starts getting slow, just switch it off and on again (that way most of the processes will be killed for sure), and ps. don't use task managers, waste of time...
  9. m2f

    m2f New Member

    I have the same problem. I bought a brand new xperia neo v and started enjoying the awsomes features that this phone provides. Unfortunatlely everything got screwed up when I committed the mistake of upgrading to ICS 4.0. Soni shoulden't have proposed an upgrade option for the phone.:eek:

    I will try mustang2012 suggestion with the service ecnter to get back my GB version
  10. m2f

    m2f New Member

    Thanks for proving this suggestion. I will contact the service center to downgrade me neo v. I love this with the GB version. The ICS screwed everything I liked about this phone

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