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  1. SurrealOne

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  2. rscarawa

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    No replies yet? I did not get the update and I tried the manual route too. Wonder how long we will have to wait?
  3. SurrealOne

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    Nothing yet not even the Sprint forums have nothing to say.
  4. StrifeJester

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    That is the problem with rumors and sample pages from internal networks. This may be weeks off yet. I was tempted to return my NS4G to stock so that I could pound the crap out of the update servers and see if it would pull it but with my ROM already running the 4.0.4 proprietaries there is almost no need to update. I will have to see what else changed in 4.0.4 but that I probably won't see until Google updates AOSP.
  5. SurrealOne

    SurrealOne Well-Known Member

    Well we will see what comes out. It seems like 4.0.4 is not even in Google Binaries code page yet. And most of the time the OTA will show up on the code page first.

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  6. StrifeJester

    StrifeJester Well-Known Member

    Yeah that is why I think this is just the 4.0.3 with some minor changes. AOSP doesn't have a branch for it yet in Google's code which generally releases as the OTA is announced or slightly before it.

    This build is going to be 4.0.4 I have the signed leak of IMM26 that is signed with the proper codes and can be installed with Odin without bypassing the signature checks. The build prop of those files also has the signing key hashes. The release structure of numbers from my understanding was 4.0.1 and 4.0.2 were reserved for the Galaxy Nexus. 4.0.3 was reserved for the Nexus S non 4G and the early tablets such as the XOOM WiFi. 4.0.4 is for the Nexus S 4G and other devices such as the XOOM LTE. 4.0.5 would be a new release train that is capable of building for all devices and have all changes merged together. Whether this is true remains to be seen. But building 4.0.3 does have the 4G known to work but it did not include the bootloader that is mentioned on Google's own page and even fastboot complains when you build 4.0.3 from source for the NS4G. You have to build 4.0.3 as an OTA package or it will not install on the NS4G because it missing the new bootloader which is not made available until an OTA. Until I have word from somewhere and a link that points me back to the link on Google's server I will be leaving my ROM alone and using the 4.0.4 proprietaries. Even using Google's own number schemes we know IML74K is 4.0.3 so by reason IMM26 is 4.0.4 but 26 may not be the actual release since the GNex has a leak of IMM30B which is also 4.0.4 so the IMM26 leak may actually be what was going to be released but got pulled for some reason and now the build has changed to IMM30B. Which makes more sense Google rarely releases a build without a letter after the number. IMM26 is probably an internal testing build. I would expect the release to be a higher variant of either IMM30 something that we have not seen yet.
  7. StrifeJester

    StrifeJester Well-Known Member

    Another thing I don't like is that the files are via ODIN. You would have to extract from there to use fastboot and I have never seen a NS4G come in the form of ODIN files. IMM26 the more i look at it looks like an internal build for samsung and not what we will see on the NS4G. I could be wrong about all of this so please remember these are just my observations.
  8. Google has abandoned us.... We were promised "weeks" after ICS was released in November 2011. And within the next month or two, there will be more and more new phones with ICS...and we, Google phone owners, have nothing. :( So much for believing in the Google hype!! :mad:
  9. StrifeJester

    StrifeJester Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't say it is that they abandoned us but there are issues with getting CDMA devices released. Google needs distribution rights for the new radios and things and I am sure there is a lot of red-tape. Hence why even the LTE Galaxy Nexus has been removed from their site. I am pretty sure we will never see a CDMA Nexus again. LTE i think falls into the same boat there are too many hoops to jump through.
  10. So, has the GSM Nexus S gotten ICS?? If they haven't, then my point still stands!
  11. Timanator

    Timanator Well-Known Member

    Must be some serious issues in Sprint's testing for the updates to not be rolling out already.
  12. Remember, not only are our phones left out to dry, but ALL Nexus S (non-Sprint) have NOT gotten the ICS update...4 months and counting AFTER it was promised! Geez, with this kind of delay, i might as well have gotten an HTC or Samsung phone...and enjoy their better camera and better integration!!

    It is as if Google engineers are caught in the headlights when it comes to ICS working on anything not named Galaxy Nexus! (And even on GN, ICS has issues.) Did they not test ICS at all before making promises?? They act like a startup company with bunch of amateur engineers! :mad: It is as if they rushed ICS out the door to compete with iOS5 without really testing it!

    As i have stated in the past, this is my last Google phone...they suck in supporting their own phone! Where is our update for our piss poor radios? Where is ICS?? And it is just not CDMA vs. GSM thing...since the GSM Nexus S are left in the dark too!
  13. MarkHirt

    MarkHirt Guest

    Please enjoy your iPhone, next
  14. Is anything I wrote untrue?? I want to like my Nexus, but Google is making it real hard to do so!!
  15. Timanator

    Timanator Well-Known Member

    You are not correct in that Google does send the updated OS to the Sprint version of the Nexus S.
  16. When did i say otherwise?? Does it really matter tho since the GSM Nexus S is still without ICS?

    And don't forget, Google recently said (out of the blue) that CDMA phones will have delays in updates (compared to GSM brothers). What?! They just found out now?! WTF? Couldn't they have told us this "problem" BEFORE? Yeah, there are more than a few Verizon Galaxy Nexus owners piss about this!
  17. SurrealOne

    SurrealOne Well-Known Member

    Well you both are right.... Some updates like PRL and service updates come from Sprint and some like MAPS or OS updates come from Google via the market auto date. Now before a major OS is pushed out it is tested with each phone maker then sent out.
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    Let's keep the posts on topic and polite, please. No reason to be rude to anyone here.
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  19. I think that a deleted post asked why do we care when the update happen?? I want to answer that. Easy, we bought an electronic device that has features on it. ICS brings with it new features, along with possibly less bugs. We were promised by Google that the ICS update would happen within weeks of November 2011 release.

    Sure, we all have a life. But, i do care about keeping my electronic device that i rely on for both business and pleasure up to date. (Actually, my wife is with the Nexus.) Why would we accept broken promises (Google experience, timely updates, and ICS before anyone else etc.) on something that we paid for (and still paying for via contract)?? We CHOSE Nexus S because of what Google promised over other brands. And lets face it, 2.3 + Nexus S have issues at the present time that needs attention.

    Should we just sit back and take it up the behind...and smile? Sorry, i refuse to be taken for an idiot by Google. And the only way Google feels the heat is if we don't buy their phone. And i plan on doing that...but that's just me. (And yeah, if Apple or Windows pull this on me, then i would feel the same.) Failed promises in business is pure failure.

    In real life buisness, when you promise to do something (of significance) and don't deliver, what happens to the customers? In banking? In grocery stores? At your doctor's office? If your doctor promise to do a test or give you the result of one but bails out, then you should just wait for that doctor to come around?
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    I think there's a slight misunderstanding here, so allow me to clear it up.

    This is a privately owned and funded web site, to which members are given free (unpaid, gratis) access. It has clear Site Rules which every member agreed to when they registered. One of those rules says that respect should be shown to other members at all times. Posts that breach this (and any other rule) are liable to be removed. That is not censorship.

    Furthermore, there is no 'right of free speech' here other than that granted by the site owner according to the aforementioned Site Rules.

    If you require further clarification or wish to discuss the issue further, please post in Private Chat with Staff. Otherwise please keep posts on-topic, as previously requested by my fellow-moderator.

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  21. SurrealOne

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    This is what I got from Sprint Community forums. For the Nexus S 4G and ICS problems

    In regards to the ICS release, the development teams along with the respected manufacturers are working to insure the release is reduced of its potential bugs or glitches. And as each division goes through testing, we all want to make sure that the product can be released without issue so that we do not have a repeat of the LG Optimus or early EVO issues. As this information regarding new release dates becomes available, we will certainly keep our customers informed. We understand how frustrating this is and appreciate your continued patience.

    Sprint Community: Nexus S 4g and ICS-where is it?
  22. As my iPhone (and every iPhone before it) is getting iOS 5.1 all at the same time, i wonder what could have been with Google.... :( ICS is not even "official" yet for GN since people claim that it is in beta form! Seriously?!
  23. OfTheDamned

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    As a CDMA user you have to keep in mind that updates from a manufacturer or even Google will typically go through the carrier before they get to the end user. This is mostly done for network testing and to make sure that nothing gets thrown off due to the update. With GSM phones the network is pretty universal so updates can go out right away as long as they work for one they should work for everyone else. If your phone uses Wimax then it probably throws another wrench into things and the testing phase could take longer. Now, I say all of this under the assumption that Sprint operates the same way that Verizon and most of the Asian CDMA carriers do. I know it is a bit different for Apple as well since they do all of their updates via iTunes.
  24. Yeah, but gsm nexus s is still in the dark.

    With apple, you can now update thru the air. I actually updated my iPhone via iTunes. At the same time, I updated my two 3rd gen iPod touch via wifi.

    Btw, the new 5.1 update really improve battery life so far!!
  25. EarlyMon

    EarlyMon The PearlyMon Moderator

    That's great and all, but let's stick to the Nexus ICS update, I think that we got the point that Apple has had theirs. ;) :)

    And the number of iPhone users to benefit from that news is really low here. ;)
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