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  1. cas8180

    cas8180 Well-Known Member

    So I was saying in some of my other posts. It shouldnt be that difficult to take official Honor based ICS update that has been released and port it to the mercury. And it looks like the guys over at Cricket Users are doing just that

    Mercury ics rom!!!

    There have been reports that both cameras are currently working. And since the ICS update supports 108op recording I am hoping we will also get this once this ROM is released. If anything maybe it will fix the video recording issues we all have been having.

    Now there is an official thread/link regarding the build of the ICS ROM


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  2. Sonasam

    Sonasam Active Member

    what would ics do for this phone? The same as what cm7 did for the ascend?
    What's the big deal with ics? Full of questions sorry.
  3. Gravitron

    Gravitron Well-Known Member

    I'm just wondering if theres a way to flash this without rooting...
  4. cas8180

    cas8180 Well-Known Member

    No. You need root and a custom recovery to flash any custom rom
  5. cas8180

    cas8180 Well-Known Member

    Dev as resumed on the ics Rom and we need more.testers!
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  6. Can0dope

    Can0dope Well-Known Member

    As soon as I can achieve root, I'd be glad to test it out.
  7. I'm rooted I'd be happy to test it out
  8. XmurdaX

    XmurdaX New Member

    i've flashed ics 4.0.3. alpha, its an alpha and FC,S everything no signal ETC, you do not need to be rooted but you do need to have clock work mod recovery, you will not be able to flach back to stock rom normally either ics creates an ext 4 partition that needs to be formated before stock flash back is possible.
  9. Gmash

    Gmash Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forum!
  10. rodawg71

    rodawg71 Well-Known Member

    Good to see ya over here xmurdax:beer:
  11. Jesus359

    Jesus359 Well-Known Member

    I can test it out, Im rooted. Are there any dangers to this, Im kind of a noob, but I have been learning more and more.
  12. Jesus359

    Jesus359 Well-Known Member

    How can I format it? Just format everything?

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