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ics rom

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  1. galaxyian

    galaxyian Member

    hi, so i read about some cyanogenmod 9 roms for the gio, and i'm thinking i want to root my gio and place this cyanogemod 9 rom, but i don't have an idea what to do. can someone help me out with a tutorial.


  2. ssarathn

    ssarathn New Member

    hi GIO users,

    You can update to CyanogenMod 9 ICS version from MaClaw. Try it its nice.


  3. ssarathn

    ssarathn New Member


    if you r still using gio, u can update it to ICS from here, Download the file from the link put it root of the SDCard and get it into recovery mode and choose option install from ZIP. h**p://maclaw.pl/?page_id=180
  4. damewolf13

    damewolf13 live~laugh~love VIP Member

    This thread has been merged for similar content, and moved to 'all things root' for further discussion.:)

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