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  1. technutt1994

    technutt1994 Well-Known Member

    On the stock browser, I've seen on some you tube videos where people click once on the address bar and everything highlights. I have to click again, hold, then select all to highlight. Is there a setting to correct that? I like the stock browser over all others. Thanks.

  2. geoid

    geoid Active Member

    I see it all highlight quickly then it deselects. Maybe it's in the timing. I just retap there and do the same as you, select all.

    Since getting into that habit, and having only been doing it a couple months occasionally anyhow, maybe I'm missing the chance to leave it already highlighted. So I will be interested to hear about this myself.
  3. technutt1994

    technutt1994 Well-Known Member

    Understood. The weird thing is the YouTube videos I've seen the address bar remains highlighted and doesn't even popup. I love the browser but its frustrating that it does that.

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