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ICS Stock Nan/Flashable Zip?

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  1. admn81

    admn81 Well-Known Member

    Does anyone have a pure stock ICS nan or flashable zip?? I'm asking cause before flashing CM I made a stock nan, and for some reason when I tried to restore it, during the system restore I got an error message and it didnt restore. But if anyone can post/create this, that'd be much appreciated. Thanks!

  2. azoller1

    azoller1 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Playful god has a stock ics ROM but its rooted and deodexed and zip aligned I think that's the closest stock ICS ROM here or you can flash the cab file but thats not a zip file
  3. Stackrat

    Stackrat Well-Known Member

    I have a rooted pwned stock nandroid. I don't remember if I made it before or after I set up my Google account on it. If I did, I could wipe the data partition and make another nandroid, but it'll be a few hours before I'll have to mess with it. It'll be sometime in the early morning hours before I can have something for you.

    You could just flash the PG's SOTARD ROM. The only difference is that it's deodexed.
  4. admn81

    admn81 Well-Known Member

    Rooted and deodexed is cool. I will try to catch pg.Thanks u guys. I just didnt want to flash the .cab again...I'm lazy I know lol
  5. Stackrat

    Stackrat Well-Known Member

    Good to hear because my plans for the night just got changed.

    It (the ROM) is posted here somewhere.

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