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  1. djembeman

    djembeman Well-Known Member

    So has anyone noticed that Motorola/Verizon stripped Adobe Flash Player off of their phone when they got the ICS update? It's still available to download in the market, but it doesn't function anymore. Before you reply saying that Flash is still working on your phone, can you try the website that you think it's working on, uninstall flash player and go back and try again.

    I did this because I thought that through the browser YouTube uses flash player, but it apparently doesn't due to the fact I uninstalled flash and I can watch YouTube videos in my stock ICS Browser. Please let me know how your experiments go and if you are pissed off like I am!

    Try watching full episodes of South Park here: http://www.southparkstudios.com/full-episodes

  2. james98520

    james98520 Well-Known Member

    Those videos are playing fine for me on ICS. Had to load flash player myself too. I've noticed lots of other flash player videos not working and actually freezing my browser. Even like the ICS YouTube video above won't work for me in the browser but through the YouTube app works just fine.
  3. james98520

    james98520 Well-Known Member

    Yeah..if goto play store and read on flash player its no longer supported on android 4.0.x so we're all going to get hosed now.
  4. DEWsBabygirl

    DEWsBabygirl Active Member

    I just installed it from the play store..and in the description it says "This update to Adobe Flash Player 11 includes compatibility with Android 4 supported devices" but then says "will NOT be supported on any Android version beyond Android 4.0.x" ..so I guess I'm confused? Should I uninstall it since I have ICS now?? Or doesn't it matter either way???
  5. djclemon

    djclemon Well-Known Member

    I had to reinstall flash also,but when I try to watch a flash video on the web it does nothing and tells me I nd to install flash (but it already is installed) . This rly ticks me off cuz being able to stream flash was a major selling point to me verses ios!
  6. djembeman

    djembeman Well-Known Member

    Hmmm. On the sites I've tried it starts to load a video and then just locks up the browser. There was one site that definitely needed flash when I had it uninstalled and the video played just fine when I re-installed flash. Still no Full South Park episodes though. I guess there are different flavors of flash out there on the web. Some work with ICS and some don't?

    Yep, flash support was a huge selling point for me to stick with Android. It kinda sucks we are already losing it.
  7. HF78

    HF78 Member

    This is ridiculous, they just reduced the functionality of our devices! Flash support was one of the key selling points over IOS for me. I downloaded flash, but when I went to that south park video it froze my browser.
  8. carracerz14

    carracerz14 Well-Known Member

    Flash works fine on my phone. Search for flash test website and try it.
  9. DEWsBabygirl

    DEWsBabygirl Active Member

    So, even tho it no longer works, is it safe to leave Flash player installed? Or should I uninstall it to be safe???
  10. Rackness

    Rackness Member

    Flash works just fine. download it from the Google play store and use it. Adobe will continue to support flash on Android for 4.0x it will not support 4.1. So for now keep using it who knows what will pan out in the future.
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  11. jroc

    jroc Well-Known Member

    I have uninstalled it, re installed it, did a factory reset, tried a xda fix, ....nothing for yahoo sports nba.

    I do believe flash isn't working well. It locks up my browser too. I have to remove it thru the task switcher to fix it. I will try some flash test sites, and an older version to see what happens.
  12. djembeman

    djembeman Well-Known Member

    I forgot that I have some old flash player apks that I might be able to try to load. Thank you and thank you all for your responses!
  13. djembeman

    djembeman Well-Known Member

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  14. Debageldond

    Debageldond Member

    I haven't had any problems yet, although I haven't tried to use it too extensively. I also downloaded it after updating.

    More accurately, it sounds like Jellybean: the end of Flash player support, and I find that disappointing. The whole Apple/Adobe drama started what, 3 years ago? In that time, Flash has failed to fade away as a commonly used standard. I appreciated Google's realistic stance of "yes, we know it's kind of crappy but we will support it because it's still used a lot and modern smartphones are powerful enough to handle it".

    HTML5 is awfully neat, but until sites stop using Flash, this move is kind of obnoxious. If they're trying to force a change what is essentially internet policy, it'll be hard since Jellybean will probably be on about 10-20% of Android phones by this time next year. So overall, perhaps 5-10% of smartphones... I'm just not seeing this forcing a change in design. Just sort of an obnoxious thing to do.
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  15. carracerz14

    carracerz14 Well-Known Member

    Well the truth of it is flash is out dated and HTML 5 is way better. Once it catches on it will be good
  16. CincyGT2009

    CincyGT2009 Well-Known Member

    No dice for me. Using Dolphin HD because I HATE the stock browser. I installed the flash app. Dolphin looks like it's going to load a flash video then it stops. Afterward the browser is generally unstable until I force stop it. Then it is fine until I try to load another flash video. This is crap. The bells and whistles of ICS do not make up for this garbage.
  17. Lucky Armpit

    Lucky Armpit Well-Known Member

    Weird, Flash was missing from mine too. However, a simple reinstall from the Play Store and all is working fine
  18. Debageldond

    Debageldond Member

    Yep, and I acknowledged that. I also made the point that Flash is still much, much more common, and it seems like kind of an obnoxious move, since phones like the Razr can definitely handle it.
  19. djembeman

    djembeman Well-Known Member

    I tried a great combination of these with stock ICS and Dolphin browsers and none of them loaded my South Park.
  20. james98520

    james98520 Well-Known Member

    I emailed Adobe about it and they say Flash Player still works for the Android 4.0.x but strangely enough movies through websites either won't load or will start and then stop and basically lock up my browser. Even on the webtop browser. But if I use the apps, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, etc they work fine.
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  21. jroc

    jroc Well-Known Member

    Exactly what I'm seeing. I am trying to view videos through the websites. I dont really care about thru apps. Thats probably an easier fix if it was a problem.

    I am also all for HTML5, better standards n all....but let there be a transition period. Hopefully this helps jump start more sites and content using HTML 5. My kids mother needed Flash to do homework for college on my Droid X1. She dumped Blackberry because it was a better web experience with Android.
  22. nfotiu

    nfotiu Well-Known Member

    If you look at adobe's site, http://www.adobe.com/devnet-apps/flashruntimes/certified-devices.html, the DROID razr is not supported at 4.0. I'd expect an update to add this support, since 4.0 is a version they still support. Videos do not load properly for me from the espn full site using the play store version of flash.
  23. djembeman

    djembeman Well-Known Member

    They are telling you something that contradicts everything I've read. Any ICS beyond 4.0 is not supported, based off of their website. This site lists each device and OS Version supported. It says the Samsung Galaxy SIII will be supported, damn it!

    The Apps don't need flash in order to function. At least I know for Netflix, I would think the others are the same except for if the app brings you to an actual browser to view content.

  24. carracerz14

    carracerz14 Well-Known Member

    I just realized that videos aren't loading for me either. I was trying to watch a video on my local fox 2 website and it was weird because the ad loaded and played but then it was just a black screen. Hopefully this is just a bug and will be fixed. Epically if adobe says they support android 4.0.x. I'm thinking an update to support it on our razrs will be needed
  25. Barkleyfan

    Barkleyfan Well-Known Member

    Flash has been updated for ICS. YouTube was made html 5 compliant some time ago for apple.jellybean will likely never see flash support. Chrome (which is far better than stock browser) will never see Flash support either.

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