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  1. reedo4494

    reedo4494 New Member

    Hey everyone.

    New to the forums due to some "fun" ive been having with my phone.

    So i was following an online guide about how to put the Myth version of Android ICS 4.* on my s5830 ace. So cause this was my first "hack" i forgot to backup. I however have CWM-based recovery v5.0.2.6 installed on the phone. at this point the file isnt on the phone just yet but i know ive made a mistake already. now my question is. if the file dosnt work properly how can i revert my phone to the stock standard gingerbread system.

    Sorry if i upset anyone with my stupid question but id love some help.

    Thanks :)

  2. Mackinon

    Mackinon Well-Known Member

    You can flash stock rom through odin
    you will get everything you need to know in samfirmware.com
  3. ayush29k

    ayush29k Well-Known Member

  4. galaxyace152

    galaxyace152 Well-Known Member

    Myth ICS is not real ics....
    It is just gb themed like ics!

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