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  1. NorthVandea

    NorthVandea Well-Known Member

    Here is a more detailed description of what I have noticed.

    Android 4.0.3 has never crashed while I was using it.

    It seems to always occur when the screen is off (locked with the button on the top of the left side)

    I'm not sure if it really shuts off or if it simply stops responding with the screen off.

    I do not own the dock, so that cannot be related to my problem.

    I have a feeling it may be related to when I have Steam for Android running in the background, but I'm not sure about this. (I will test further)

    The tablet has (to my knowledge) never actually rebooted, it only appears to have powered off.

    To regain access to my TF101 when it has stopped responding to wake up, I have to hold the power button for a full ten seconds and the tablet begins to boot normally.

    This problem occurs several times per day.

    CORRECTION: It just rebooted and hung on the Asus screen with no user input... :(

  2. CrazySte

    CrazySte Well-Known Member

    IT DID IT AGAIN (2nd Time)

    Last night i have Recharged my Transformer with the Dock attached... this morning i used a little bit the Tab, then i detached the Dock, then i used it for another little bit...

    Everything was fine

    I kept it here beside my Desktop Computer Keyboard where i have been in front of Video Chatting and i let it go in sleep mode on his own.

    NOW, out of curiosity, i pushed the power button... AND IT WAS DEAD

    I had to press and hold the Power Button for 10 seconds to make it boot...

    I believe that the Tablet is Actually ON, but the screen remains off... and you have to Re-Boot it to make it start
  3. rfortson

    rfortson Well-Known Member

    I have the dock, but haven't used it since I updated. I did notice one random reboot. It was in the car, and when I took it out and opened it up, it was at that Asus boot up screen, but appeared to be stuck. I held the power button, it fully rebooted, and has run fine since then. I'll plug it into the dock this week to see if that flushes out any more problems.

    Overall, though, I like ICS. I updated a raft of apps last night (I'm guessing due to ICS).
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  4. Stuntman

    Stuntman Well-Known Member

    The first morning after I got ICS, I noticed that my Eee Pad kept flashing the initial starting screen. It just turned on and off. I just did a long press on the power button to get it to reboot. After that, I have not experienced the same issue. It's been running solid other than that one morning.
  5. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    After some testing, it seems to be linked to notifications while sleeping, at least for me anyway. It's not 100% repeatable, however which makes me wonder where the problem is. If I get an email to my gmail account while sleeping 4 out of 5 times it will either lock or reboot (or both). When it's awake it's not a problem.
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  6. Sandroidfan

    Sandroidfan Well-Known Member

    It seems to me that task manager that I installed on HC 3.2.1 was culprit for random shutdown. I had some auto kill list in that app and wonder if that crashed in ICS. After removing it, it doesn't happen so far. Also I have WiFi sleeping when screen is off, so that probably helps avoid notification causing it.

    I guess there are certain apps from HC in Transformer that just don't get along well with ICS yet.
  7. fldude99

    fldude99 Well-Known Member

    When I turned in last night, I turned the screen off with 38% left. Woke up this AM and it was unresponsive. Plugged it into the charger and it booted up...battery totally dead. Battery graph showed a straight fall off a cliff at some point to zero. Impossible to tell, but based on a prior post, it must have rebooted itself and maybe got stuck at the asus screen until it killed the battery. Only thing I can think that it's been doing is the gmail app has been very sketchy all day yesterday, force closes, freezing, etc. I did a data clear and let it resync and it seemed to be fine...I should have rebooted the device as well, but didn't. So after booting it up this morning gmail app is ok..but it will be interesting to see if it is still on when I get home from work later...I left with it at about 45%...undocked
  8. Eris1981

    Eris1981 Well-Known Member

    I wanted to see if this may be fixed by having the WiFi turn off while sleeping, i had my first " random power down" all day immediately after.
  9. NorthVandea

    NorthVandea Well-Known Member

    At first I thought Steam for Android might be involved, and while I can now say for certain that the tablet did lock up more often with Steam running in the background, it still locks up and from time to time reboots and gets stuck on the Asus boot screen even with Steam exited. Now I tend to agree with a previous poster who suggested the lockups are either caused by or made worse by notifications that occur while the screen is off.
  10. Dick Beck

    Dick Beck New Member

    I also have this issue on upgrade to ICS. Asus tech support claimed to have never heard of the problem.
  11. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    ICS has only been out for a few days, give them time, they're hearing of it right now.
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  12. eddiewawa

    eddiewawa Well-Known Member

    well mine turned off last night with 63% left on the battery. dock was down to 3% at the time so will see if i get this random shut down when battery is full...but this is the 1st time its happened.
  13. Radicalee

    Radicalee Member

    I am having the same problem. It's only happened a couple of times, but enough to raise my concerns. I wonder, would turning notifications off be a temporary fix until Asus takes notice of this? If that is indeed the root of the problem.
  14. lunatic59

    lunatic59 Moderati ergo sum Moderator

    From my observations, notifications may not be the issue, or the issue entirely. I went all day long yesterday with wifi enabled and was getting notifications without any reboot issues. In the evening, I had turned off wifi and watched part of a recorded TV show (saved as MP4 in the default video player). About an hour later, my transformer was stuck on the boot screen. Obviously it had rebooted. I held the power button to reboot and left it on all night with wifi off and it was fine this morning.

    I would also mention that I have not seen the batter drain issue. When I reboot, my battery levels are pretty much where they were before.
  15. NorthVandea

    NorthVandea Well-Known Member

    Agreed. Notifications are probably not the cause, but they may exasperate the root cause.
  16. Radicalee

    Radicalee Member

    I have reported this to ASUS and hope others will do the same. If it is systemic, then hopefully they will be able to do something
  17. rfortson

    rfortson Well-Known Member

    Had my second reboot yesterday evening. It had been sleeping/unused for several hours, and when I went to plug it in for the night, I noticed it was in the reboot loop. Held the power button and got it to reboot, then charged overnight with no issues.

    I still haven't connected mine to the dock since updating, so that shouldn't be an issue. All my apps seem to be working as well as before the update. I did update about 25+ apps after updating to ICS, so maybe that avoided problems with the apps.

    Anyway, I'm sure Asus will figure it out eventually. I haven't notified them of the problem, but I guess I should let them know.
  18. viffer800

    viffer800 Well-Known Member

    Had the reboot and freeze on the Asus screen without input from me on two occasions. Both without the dock
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  19. fldude99

    fldude99 Well-Known Member

    Last night about 11 I turned off the screen and left it on the night table and went to sleep. Got up at about 4 without knowing why...then in my stupor I see the room is kinda lit up-from the Transformer screen! Evidently it had just rebooted but it didn't hang up, so it was on the desktop..weird stuff..kinda freaked me out a little. Can I sue? (lol)
  20. CrazySte

    CrazySte Well-Known Member


    Hi Everybody,
    after the second Restart (which happened on February 25th), i decided to take some "drastic" measure and i decided to do a:

    "Factory Reset Data Wipe"

    I took off my SD Card, and i did the Factory Reset... after it Rebboted, it Re-Initialized Ice Cream Sandwich which had no apps.

    I went through the different Wizards to set up the Tablet and finally, i entered my User and Password for my Google Account and i started Re-Installing one by one each app.


    I basically had re-installed everything except a couple of apps that i really was not using anyway.


    So i guess, i suggest to who ever is willing to go through this process, to try to do the Factory Reset and see if by any chance it actually solves the problem

    Good Luck!
  21. fldude99

    fldude99 Well-Known Member

    Saw this on xda: ICS boot problem - Page 4 - xda-developers I don't know how to link to a single post, so check out #39...evidently Asus knows about this and will be releasing a patch. So I'd chill on factory resets and workarounds unless it's something one wants to do.
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  22. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Cheers fldude.

    Interestingly, I just had a reboot whilst the screen was on and I was typing. First time it's happened.
  23. fldude99

    fldude99 Well-Known Member

    ^^^Holy smokes...for the multitude of transformer owners, are the people having these issues in such a small minority? I hope Asus patches this asap. I believe they will...their track record is good with this kind of thing. If it's not patched in what...2 weeks...I consider it a problem
  24. Zingmaster

    Zingmaster Active Member

    I have just suffered my first complete lock since ICS came out. My problem is exasperated because I am one of the fortunate people that have one of the original run of transformers in which the power button doesnt work. So now I just have to wait until the battery dies completely and hope plugging it in boots it back up. I love my transformer but I am having real struggles with wanting to support the prime with a purchase.
    Chronicle of problems...
    1. After a few months the power button was not responding very well.
    2. At about 6 months the power button stopped working all together.
    3. A few months ago after the last update I would get the boot loop if I left the wi fi on in sleep mode. Turned the wi fi off during sleep mode, no more boot loop.
    4. Got ICS update a couple of days ago and today I got the hard lock and since I have no power button I will wait and see if I can plug it in after the battery dies to see if I can get it to startup again.

    Hard to recommend a product to my friends if it has this many problems.
  25. clgwli

    clgwli Well-Known Member

    I know I had a reboot a couple days ago. It totally locked up and doing the power/volume buttons together didn't fix it. So I had to let my battery drain overnight (just charged it too so it was at nearly 100%) but it rebooted just fine after that.

    I hope this is not a regular occurrence... and if it is hopefully they will patch it quickly. Otherwise I am loving ICS

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