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  1. ViceroyArgus

    ViceroyArgus New Member

    Since updating to 4.0.4, I can't get the Automatic Brightness to work properly.

    I have it set to a base of 9%, but when I turn on the phone it's much brighter. It's only when I go into Settings > Display > Brightness that it dims to 9%.


  2. wishfull1

    wishfull1 Member

    No ideas, but same problem. Auto brightness is really messed up with ICS. I was playing with another Lucid on Gingerbread and it works great!

    Hope they can get it fixed.
  3. solidsnake13

    solidsnake13 Well-Known Member

    I have also had the same issues with it. I have also tried using Beautiful Widgets brightness Toggle , but it only has two settings, 25% and 100%. With GB it has 5 different settings.

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