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ICS update for Western Canada??General

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  1. funpig

    funpig Well-Known Member

    Has anybody with a Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus in Western Canada updated to ICS? (The Canadian version does not have the infrared remote).

    If you did update, did you do it over the air (OTA) or by Kies? (I tried to load up Kies on my computer a few months ago, was unsuccessful and just decided to live without it and so far when I try to update by just wifi, it just says I have the most up to date version).

    Also, if you have upgraded to ICS, please advise if you have had any problems (eg. wifi drops, etc).


  2. funpig

    funpig Well-Known Member

    I contacted chat support tonight. They said the update for the Tab 7.0 Plus is still not available in Canada. They said I will receive a notification when the update is ready.
  3. Robilar

    Robilar Member

    I'm waiting on it too in Eastern Canada. No ICS update for the Wi-FI version of our tablet in Canada yet. They are only about 8 months behind schedule so no biggie...
  4. Bangkok Hound

    Bangkok Hound New Member

    Well, we finally got the ICS update in Thailand. But, its not OTA. Kies only. And guess what? My tab always disconnects from Kies after I click 'OK' to update. But to be honest, I'm very happy with my tab with 3.2.
  5. daenas

    daenas Member

    I have had nothing but wifi issues with ICS. Yes it's speedier and smoother, but I would go back to Honeycomb in a heartbeat if I could, but according to the Samsung Tech support that's not possible-well other than rooting, and I'm not ready to go down that path. I have returned my tablet in for "repair" and all they did was reimage the ICS to it. Still not working right. I'm going to send it back again for another reimage and if that doesn't work then I'll get my money back. I'm tired of this.
  6. gtquan

    gtquan New Member

    Had problems also with WiFi disconnecting. Switched from apple airport express to a Linksys router which fixed the problem. Did try and switch channels on the apple product with no success. Anyway no further WiFi issues.

  7. funpig

    funpig Well-Known Member

    Anything yet? I have had this for a year and still no update.

    I am of the opinion that Android sales are driven in part by the fact that users can't be bothered to wait for an update for their existing device and just buy a new replacement.

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