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  1. PandaKing

    PandaKing New Member

    Ok, so i downloaded the ICS update from the huawei website, and after multiple failures to update, i discovered that my software build is not supported in the update. What in the world does this mean? Why would my phones software build be different? How do i go about updating it?

    I use an unlocked vodafone model on orange, my build number is:


    And the 'supported' builds are:






    Any help of insight would be appreciated.

  2. bryfly

    bryfly Member

    Hi Taken from twitter this morning

    @HuaweiDevice hello i downloaded the update from sd card I did and it says update failed could you help me thank you very much

    This is the international upgrade. A customized version for UK’s G300 Vodafone users will be released later this year. Stay tuned
  3. PandaKing

    PandaKing New Member

    Ahh, so were waiting all this time for bloody vodafone bloatware. Great.
  4. tristana1

    tristana1 Member

    Hmm, I wonder if those like me who have rooted and uninstalled all the bloatware will be able to install ICS?

    Maybe I'll just wait for a good custom ROM.
  5. lostboybinns

    lostboybinns New Member

    I'm waiting go the Vodafone release. Hope they don't kill it with bloatware
  6. bugsyb

    bugsyb New Member

    HI, i met the same issue, will be waiting for the vodafone version thanks

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