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  1. danzemaitis

    danzemaitis New Member

    hello all, so I was super psyched to see a post about the ICS update, and I decided to download it. I checked for the update on the phone, got it, went to install and then during the reboot, was upset to see the phone stuck on "Updating media database" or something like that. After it was stuck on the for about and hour, I pulled the battery for a hard reset. As I held my breath, I put the battery in and re-booted and was excited to see that the update had worked, so yeah!!!
    However, I quickly noticed not only and intense battery drain, but the phone would not charge at all. Between the long-ass reboot time and me not really noticing, it quickly dropped to about 20%...even plugged in, it was still just draining away...after looking at some previous ICS rollouts, what I found was that in some cases of extreme battery loss and no charging, two solutions seemed to dominate. One was a phone cache reset (see-http://www.gottabemobile.com/2012/07/05/how-to-fix-droid-razr-and-droid-razr-maxx-ice-cream-sandwich-issues/)
    Along with this, some people suggested a full factory reset. I did both, and found that it did solve the problem...best guess, it's an app compatability problem, so you could try deleting one app at a time to see if that solves it for you
    So, if you are having a post-ICS battery problem, try one or the other (or both, like me) and it hopefully will help...

    p.s. other then that, ICS update seems to be quite nice...

  2. malch

    malch Member

    I ran into the same problem. After 3 hours on "Upgrading Media Database" I pulled the battery. It booted up okay but was slow, draining battery, and my music apps (Google Play and Winamp) would hang.

    Clearly the media database was corrupt.

    I removed the music from my SD card and after a couple of hours things settled down. Currently in the process of putting the music back. Hopefully it will build a usable database although I expect that may take a few hours with 4000 songs.

    If not, I fear it will have to be a factory reset.
  3. TimmyB44

    TimmyB44 Well-Known Member

    I've had two issues, neither of which is the music.

    First, the Favorite Contacts widget (4X1, swipe to expand to 4X6) is not functioning properly. It still works, but on the home screen, there is just the continuous circle, spinning around, as though it is trying to finish loading. I am sure this is draining resources, especially battery.

    Second, for whatever reason, my 4G network connectivity indicator goes blank when I am in WiFi mode. Is that the way it is in ICS? With GB, I would see connection indicators for both, with the WiFi in blue, to show that it was the active one, but the 4G/3G/Edge would also display, showing the strength of the data signal, even if it was not being actively used.
  4. macgiobuin

    macgiobuin Well-Known Member

    It can take as long as 2 DAYS for all systems/apps/media to catch up with the ENTIRELY NEW operating system. Give it time.
  5. mixerdlb

    mixerdlb Member

    The best thing seems to be to put it on charge at least overnight. Mine took 18 hours to catch up to 12 GB of media files, but all is good now.
  6. fungo45

    fungo45 Member

    I'm having the same issues. Stuck on the media database message. I'll give it a couple more hours before I head up to bed. Bad timing as I'm heading out of town tomorrow and will need a working phone
  7. Curly20

    Curly20 New Member

    Today i started updating my phone and I've been stuck at the "upgrading Media Database" for the past 5 hours, i do have alot of media im sure over 10 GBs. Should I just pull out my battery and reset the cache? or should i just wait all day and night until its done? i don't want to brick my phone or have problems by trying to speed up the process.
  8. macgiobuin

    macgiobuin Well-Known Member

    Media Update will take quite awhile. Some have saved their media to a file on their computer, erased the sd card, THEN download the update. It is much quicker. Then re-load the media back to the sd card from your computer.

    For battery issues, I run my battery down to 5%. I then TURN THE PHONE OFF. Then I re-charge the phone and let it "over-charge" for an hour or two. Then turn the phone back on. For whatever reason, the battery seems to las a lot longer with this charging method, although I am still seeing several hours LESS on a charge than pre-ICS. I'm guessing the operating system needs more juice to run all the updated functions.
  9. fungo45

    fungo45 Member

    I just did this, so hopefully it works. The Atrix 2 appears to be a little different from the RAZR instructions listed at the website above.

    Here's what worked for me:
    1) Press and hold the Power button and turn the phone off.
    2) When the screen turns off, press and hold Volume Down and Volume Up and Power.
    3) When the white HBOOT screen appears, use Volume Down to move down to

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