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  1. Cyndakit

    Cyndakit Member

    Hey guys i got a quick question; if I update my sgs2 via kies, will it erase existing data on my phone or will it stay unchanged during the update?
    My phone isn't rooted and is the international version i9100M

  2. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    Kies updates are non-wipe meaning everything would still be there. However, many have reported that after the updates, a lot of problems can come up. The ongoing advice is actually to factory reset the phone before the updates to prevent these problems.

    If you don't and problems do come up, you can still do a factory reset after. So its really up to you when you do that. Or you may be lucky and no problem appears what so ever.
  3. Cyndakit

    Cyndakit Member

    Thanks, and if I do a back up on kies, does it keep everything saved such as saved data in apps, and all existing settings?
  4. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    Kies have limited ability to backup. Mostly contacts, notes, music and videos. For me, you are better of copying the music and videos via USB storage mode to your PC via copy and paste. Contacts can be back up with google by syncing.

    Apps downloaded from google store is saved and can be redownloaded automatically from there. If you browse the google store with your account, you can actually see all the apps you ever downloaded so its easy for you to get the same app you need downloaded again if you have to. Other apps not from google store, just save the APK file in your PC at least.

    For settings, takes lots of screenshot and note everything down so you can reset everything the way you like them.

    Anyway, you only need to worry about the above with a factory reset.

  5. rubii

    rubii New Member


    I'm new to Android and am a complete noob. Need some guidance on ICS upgrade:

    Im not keen on upgrading via ODIN or KIES...so if i upgrade to ICS via OTA, will i lost all my data, contacts, sms etc? Do i still have to backup all my files, wipe the internal storage and do a factory reset before the upgrade?

    How do i backup my SMS and browser bookmarks?

    And is it true that after upgrade to ICS, i should not reinstall apps or data from the backup i did on Gingerbread? Now, i have lots of ebooks, no joke, hundreds of them, downloaded from KOBO app. Can i transfer the ebooks from the backup i made to ICS? Or have to redownload all over again?

    I'm getting nervous reading the posts in this forum about ICS problems... since im not a techie gal it would be a disaster if anything goes wrong during the upgrade. Is ICS considered stable now? Or should i wait, dont upgrade first? My SGS2 is doing fine with GB 2.3.6.... i dont want to brick my phone.

    Ok guys, thanks for reading, pls help me on above queries. Really need your help before i proceed to upgrade.
  6. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    Refer reply in blue. Cheers
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  7. rubii

    rubii New Member

    Hi Russell,

    Thanks for the advise.

    Just to confirm, so that means after I backup all my files:

    1. Wipe internal storage…. Is this a MUST if upgrading to ICS via OTA??
    Settings > Storage > Format USB storage

    2. Do a Factory reset
    Settings > Privacy > Factory data reset

    3. Upgrade to ICS via OTA

    BTW, what is the difference between Format USB storage and Factory data reset? I had thot both delete phone data?
  8. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

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