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  1. malimu

    malimu New Member

    After Upgrading to ICS last night on my Samsung galaxy S2 the internet does not work. I can access my emails but if i have to go to a web site then the screen goes blank then black and then goes back to the original phone.. I was always able to access web site on this phone before upgrade.
    Can any one help or email me malimu@hotmail.com.

    I can however access my Gmail and yahoo mail and or application that has icon on the cell phone screens. else if i go to Google search and enter a site , it just goes bank and later a quick fast message says unfortunately internet has stopped working. i am snot sure why i don't see the Google search as an installed in my cell even tho the icon with voice appears on the search engine.

  2. johangils

    johangils New Member

    Same problem after upgrade this morning
  3. johangils

    johangils New Member

    Solved my problem. I have a Samsung Galaxy S2. Go to Settings, Applications, click the ALL tab and scroll down to Internet. Then clear cache see if it works, if not clear data. I cleared both and the internet worked.
  4. Befe

    Befe New Member

    Thank you very much, johangils!:)
  5. dazza888

    dazza888 New Member

    thank you for the solve. this has worked for me although i can no longer download my payslips. pdf file. any suggestions? thank you again for the internet solve.
  6. pcitizen

    pcitizen New Member

    I upgraded my Galaxy IIs to ICS (I9100XXLPS through KIES) and since then my Internet does not work (internet or apps) through the network. I dont even get the flashing network status icons 2G/G/3G/H/H+ like I did under the previous OS. Works through WiFi.
    I made a point of copying my APN data down before ICS and recreated my APN settings (And I am pretty confident I got it right).
    The clerk at the Virgin mobile store reckons I got it right (dont laugh). He reckons that I need to factory reset and reinstall the firmware. dont know how to do that.
  7. Rottitera

    Rottitera Member

  8. pcitizen

    pcitizen New Member

    Did a factory reset and that alone seem to have done the trick. All of a sudden the 2G/3G/H/H+ status icon started working and the phone started downloading across the wireless. Turned the wifi on and completed the rest of the downloads via WiFi.
  9. uzee

    uzee Well-Known Member


    my internet with 3G/H+ works fine, but since ICS update doesnt with home wifi. I tried the above but no luck.
  10. yutahay

    yutahay Member

    I tried going to applications, clicking all, but there is no "internet" listing to click to try and clear stuff from. OK smart people, please help this old guy who's trying to stay up out,would ya? Maybe I should just do the whole operating system download again. What do you think?
  11. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    Try looking for it again. Scroll a little more carefully. Internet is using the world icon.
  12. nictuc

    nictuc New Member

    Thank you so much - worked

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