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  1. tmcthree

    tmcthree Active Member

    Apparently the Galaxy w won't be getting ICS.

    If you root a phone can you upgrade it anyway?

  2. tmcthree

    tmcthree Active Member

    Too stupid to answer?
  3. dannymur

    dannymur Well-Known Member

    Hey man......comments like that mean you are too stupid to have a smart Phone......:mad:

    There will be no answers to comments like that.....

    can't you use Google for idiotic questions like you ask.....

    the answers are there. .fool!!
  4. tmcthree

    tmcthree Active Member

    I meant was the question too stupid to answer, but I can see how that may not have been clear. Apologies
  5. dannymur

    dannymur Well-Known Member

    That's OK...really, no probs....

    I am sorry for harsh answer, but some stuff is obvious!!

    As far as ICS Sammy does not have our single-core phone on the list!!!!

    But fear not, CM9 is being developed for the SGW, and Sammy can go phuck himself

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