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  1. racefan82

    racefan82 Active Member

    ok i got my tablet back to stock with clock work 5504. my question is can someone give step by step on how to install ice cream sandwich on my tablet. i know how to get it into apx mode and to the other set up screen. this is all greek to me. everything i read is greek to me and where can i acually download the ics file......thanks

  2. SolidOrange

    SolidOrange Well-Known Member

  3. racefan82

    racefan82 Active Member

    can i put the google play store on the stock gtab, im really only using it for pics for my photography, so i can show them when out in the field. a lot better then carrying a laptop.
  4. racefan82

    racefan82 Active Member

    well im getting a message that reads.....unfortunatly,the process com.android.phone has stopped......any help would be good ..thanks

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