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  1. snowman1

    snowman1 Member

    Well, I have updated to ICS, all seems good so far, alot cleaner, camera interface is nicer etc. So Far...so good! i will see how battery life etc is affected and post anything here.

  2. snowman1

    snowman1 Member

    After 24 hours of use (still not charged the battery since full last night at 7pm) all seems ok, battery life seems alot better, i have been connected to wifi constantly, and just generally playing about with it as you do when you get an update.
    The only things i have noticed so far which might cause minor complaints are, on the lock screen, the slide to left for sound on/off has been replaced by camera access. I don't believe this can be changed, i actually don't see a need for it, as when the phone is locked, you can just press the dedicated shutter button on the side of the phone and it starts anyway. The second thing is the notification led, it doesn't seem to be working all the time, with whatsapp for example, when you receive a new message the led does not light up, i'm not sure if this is an issue with whatsapp and ICS or not. It also seems to be a little intermittent with emails too (gmail) just having had a test email sent to me, it didn't light to notify me. During the writing of this, i have discovered that if the phone is in silent mode, the led will work with emails, i haven't tried whats app yet, but if anyone else does, would be useful to know.
  3. Sam-SonyXperia

    Sam-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    Interesting, please do keep us posted regarding any other feedback you have regarding the update. :)

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