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  1. billdog

    billdog Member

    just received a message from vodafone that a firmware upgrade to ice-cream sandwitch is available. at last.

  2. tristana1

    tristana1 Member

    Yeah I was shocked too when I saw that text. Upgraded the firmware to add the backup utility, backed up, then began the download and update.

    Everything went well. No problems to speak of. The phone actually seems to work a little faster/smoother and the overhauled UI of ICS is a welcome addition (even if it is last years OS).

    Now I'm just going to wait for a new rooting guide for the G300 ICS then I can root and remove all the nasty bloatware/"social networking" dung.
  3. billdog

    billdog Member

    downloaded and updated no problem. pity about all the bloatware
  4. downloaded and really wish I hadn't :( Netflix randomly pauses and iPlayer cycles back to start page. Come back gingerbread, all is forgiven!
  5. ManUtdFans

    ManUtdFans Member

    I am not with Vodafone (bought it from Target and then unlocked it), can you tell me where can I download ICS to upgrade my phone?

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