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I'd be afraid to lay the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom down..General

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  1. Phases

    Phases Community Manager Administrator

    Have you see this thing?

    Samsung Galaxy K Zoom officially announced, full info revealed

    I'm sure its a great camera phone, and I love taking pictures! I have 2 kids so, pictures are a big part of my day to day - but geeze. I can't stand laying phones on their faces and I wouldn't be able to lay that on its back either.

    I'd go mad!

    Probably pretty cool to use though, right?

  2. apprentice

    apprentice Member

    I have one and it's a superb phone/camera. I love everything about it to be honest. I know what you mean about laying it down but it has a slight ridge around the screen which prevents contact with the glass. And as it doesn't lay flat on the camera side there's no contact directly with the lens. There's a protective glass cover over the lens shutter flaps too. It's probably more rugged than you think!

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