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Idea for apps, think a dollar or two per program, but beginner programmer...

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  1. Duende

    Duende New Member This Topic's Starter

    Sep 27, 2009
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    How do I get my ideas out there and done and in downloadable form while for now I lack the experience to program it myself? The ideas themselves have fueled me to learn programming and I find it fascinating... But my skill level is not where it needs to be to deliver a few apps I have in my head as viable. I think that it would be paid, though it would be under 5, and popular anyway.

    How do I approach this? I want to get it started and rolling and I can't do it. And I have an ego - it's my baby. I want control of it. But I need help. How do I keep it my idea, and go forward?

    I hope this doesn't sound insanely jealous or egotistical, haha. I just feel they would be such strong and necessary apps and so many people would want to benefit from one in particular.


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