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  1. PaulK1989

    PaulK1989 Member

    Alright I'm a NOOB so hopefully no one will judge me. I love working with technology and messing with things like phones etc. but some things I just do not know yet and was hoping everyone can help me out in any sort or way? 1st question is what is the code you dial usually starts with a # or a * to get into more settings or extra things on the phone? and secondly any advice from anyone on anything I can do for customization? without root for now. I will be rooting later but not just yet.

    I've been working with computers. but this is a different realm for me. I want to learn more. Just starting with basics. things I can do without root for now. and then maybe a simple easy root I can do ? so i wont brick this thing. I would like the root from someone very experienced with this device, and someone who can give a good set of directions. Thanks to everyone who can help out.

    Running ICS Kies version.
    -Samsung GS2 Skyrocket =)

  2. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    Welcome to the forums, PaulK!
    We were all once noobs so don't worry about it. We're glad to have you here. :)
    What exactly are you looking to customize? Are you looking for a different "look"? You can change the launcher from stock TouchWiz to GoLauncher or ADW (among a million others) which will allow you to do a whole lot more. They're both free in the Play Store.
    In terms of dialing a "code", I'm not exactly sure what you mean (and this is likely carrier dependent of AT&T which I'm not familiar with). I recall a couple years ago changing a setting that way to slightly improve my call quality. It is something that CAN bork your phone.
    If and when you're ready to root, check out the All Things Root guide for the Skyrocket and ask ANY and ALL questions you have. We're here to help.
  3. PaulK1989

    PaulK1989 Member

    Thanks =) yeah I currently have go launcher and have tried out holo launcher and one other. I didn't like the other 2 launchers. Is there anyway I can take the icons onto my computer customize them and put them back onto the device for use? and I just want to customize anything that I can possibly get my hands on customizing before I go ahead and root.

    as for the dialing code it was something I learned about when I had the thunderbolt when that came out. I was able to change connectivity to 4g and such through the menu that came up when I dialed the code.

    As for a root...when I do decide to go ahead to do that. Which ROM do you Recommend trying out first? and is there any for the skyrocket with a very quick/ smooth interface?
    anything else I need to know about root as well?

    Thank you for the reply as well =)
  4. breadnatty08

    breadnatty08 pain rustique VIP Member

    Paul, sounds like you're on the right path. Honestly I don't know much about your phone so I'll let others chime in.
    Have you tried going into Settings - Data - Mobile Network and toggling 4G from there? Not sure if it's the same on your phone but that's how I can toggle it.
    As far as modifying icons, there's a couple apps out there like Better Cut which allow you to do this. Theming is much easier to do with root.
    For methods and ROM's check out the root subforum for advice.
  5. PaulK1989

    PaulK1989 Member

    cool thanks =)...I'm new to this phone too. I just recently upgraded to ICS via kies. so I'm still looking through the forums to find the root for this version. it is 4.04. hopefully others will chime in as well with some great advice as well. thanks again. big help
  6. PaulK1989

    PaulK1989 Member

    Well I went back and decided to root...first time success for that so it makes me happy. I also flashed to the ics one click that was in the same forum. This is much better than the one I got from kies.

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