iDeaUSA CT702 Android Tablet Does Not Boot

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  1. About my tablet:
    I have a 7" iDeaUSA Android Tablet. The model number on the box says CT702, but it says IRV07 as the model number on the back of the device and Google Play reads the model number as A777 (with YG being shown as the make). The version of Android on my tablet is 4.0.3.

    My problem:
    I turned on my tablet today and it went through the screens that display the words "iDeaUSA" and "android" fine, but it then went to a system upgrade screen. I let the upgrade finish, but an error message popped up at the end of the upgrade saying, "Unfortunately, the process has stopped". The device then rebooted and displayed the "iDeaUSA" and "android" screens again before once again going back to the system upgrade screen and flashing an error message after the completion of the upgrade. The tablet keeps showing these three screens along with an error message after the third screen over and over again. Sometimes, the error messages are different, but they all have something to do with a process that has stopped. My tablet isn't rooted, so I didn't mess with any of the system files. As far as I know, I didn't do anything to trigger a system upgrade. I tried doing a factory reset by holding the volume up key while pressing and holding the power button (like it says to do in the manual), but nothing happened.

    My question:
    Does anyone know of a way that I can boot back into my tablet without having to send it back to the manufacturer?

  2. Nevermind. I got my answer on another forum. The manual was wrong about how to do a factory reset. In order to do a factory reset for my device, I held down volume - (not volume +, as it said in the manual) and pushed and held the power button. That allowed me to do a factory reset and my tablet is now in working order.

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