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  1. snodster

    snodster New Member


    First off I am using Huawei IDEOS Android 2.2 on Orange in the UK.

    I cannot get 3G to work on my android. My Sim Card has got 3g and free internet. However i always get either a 'G' or 'H' icon at the top with hardly ever any white arrows! :(

    Also i am trying to setup my hotmail account but it always says:
    'Checking incoming server settings' ... ... 'Setup could not finish' Unable to open connection.

    Can sombody help me???
    Thanks, Alex

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  2. neonam

    neonam Member

    Similar problem. I am using I am using Unlocked Huawei U8150 Ideos. When I move my AT&T card from my Nokia E71 to the Ideos, I have no data service of any kind. Voice works well.

    I wanted to use Skype on both WiFi and cell phone data plan. Skype program works great on E71 using either signal. Skype on the Ideos has noisy, unreliable connections with about
  3. thel8elvis

    thel8elvis Well-Known Member

    What data plan did you have on the e71 ? was it an unlocked phone that you originally set up or an at&t phone ?

    I have an unlocked Ideos, but I have not put my AT&T sim from the current phone in yet, as it's a xmas present for one of the kids - but I didn't anticipate any problems with data .... did you put in the att APN info ?
  4. nantucketer

    nantucketer New Member

    I just replied to a another post with a similar problem because I have having trouble getting 3G on my IDEOS as well.

    I just got my AT&T sim and the costumer service guy put in the APN for me. However, it only recognizes the 2G networks. Is there a different APN?

    I got 3G when I lived in Africa on the phone so I am having trouble understanding why it won't work here.

  5. krmamrani

    krmamrani New Member

    The same problem here. I live in Morocco. I have inserted the APN and the configuration as described by the operator and still can't get neither 3G nor GPRS. I have removed the sim card and put it in a nokia phone..3G works fine. Put the sim card again in Huwawei u8150..No data of any kind. Only WIFI works. Other than that, it's no sense. I believe it's a model problem. I have contacted Huwawei for this but they didn't reply. That's too bad.
  6. netskink

    netskink Member

    I don't have 3g either. I do have edge. I tried my pals simcard and it also connected as edge only. I contacted huawei and they said they don't support unlocked phones.

    I will not buy another huawei phone.
  7. tangali28

    tangali28 New Member

    Download APN backup & Restore from android market, borrow locked phone of your type (In my case its Ideos U8150), backup the APN, connect to a computer and copy to your SD card, then use the APN backup and restore application on your phone to restore the backed-up APN. It worked for my case.

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