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  1. jonahgichimu

    jonahgichimu New Member

    i have a huawei ideos u8150. i formatted the small files while in recovery mode and when i rebooted the phone it does not start up.. as in it only shows the initialization screen (the android logo) and doesnt do anything else... it wont power off either unless i remove the battery.. i have tried power+volume up+call buttons n still nothing.. and also power+volume down+end button... please help [​IMG][​IMG]

  2. ahm19

    ahm19 New Member

    My mobile phone (ideos u8150) is disabled because I have installed firmware for another mobile (huawei u8120)
    And now I'm in trouble because the phone is not me but it's my friend
    and When you try to install the firmware (ideos u8150) this does not work in all attempts
    Help me quickly please
  3. prinz wyliez

    prinz wyliez New Member

    ...hallo you got help with getting yours working??
    how about sharing the steps you took

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