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Ideos U8510: Enabling WiFiSupport

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  1. Soporose

    Soporose Active Member

    Hi all.

    The Huawei U8150 Ideos is my first smart phone, so I don't know much about them, and the lack of detailed documentation is driving me crazy.

    Right now I want to enable WiFi, so...

    On the phone I go into Settings --> Wireless and networks --> WiFi (it is checked) --> WiFi turned on (checked) --> WiFi settings --> network notification is checked

    My in-home wireless router is displayed in the list.

    Still on the phone, I touch the entry for my router and I'm asked for the password, which I assume is the router's WPA Shared Key, which is 12 mixed alphanumeric characters. I find it quite impossible to type that password into the phone using the on-screen keyboard.

    If I go into HiSuite and type the WPA Shared Key into the Security Code box at the bottom of the Home screen, I get "Connection Failed".

    Can anyone set me on the right path here please.

  2. kejlyCZ

    kejlyCZ Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forums,
    the described procedure is right.
    If you use WPA, enable the "Show password" (or similar) tickbox to see you type the right password without misspelling. Do you have some additional security enabled on the router (MAC filter - then you have to add the phone to MAC-address list)?
  3. Soporose

    Soporose Active Member

    Nope, no additional security on the router other than WPA.

    The IP of the router is and my three PCs are all fixed addresses of 192.168.2.X. one of them is hardwired and two have wireless cards, so I know the router communication is OK.

    I tried assigning a fixed IP address of the same format to the phone ( but still no joy.
  4. kejlyCZ

    kejlyCZ Well-Known Member

    I've heard about problems with some Zyxel routers years ago and my phone was unable to connect to one T-Mobile router, even if my notebook does. What router do you have?
    One stupid question : have you set also subnet mask and gateway? IP is not enough, you also have to set subnet-mask ( and gateway ( and maybe also DNS server (check your computer, but it should be also
    Maybe you can also try to enable different Wi-Fi channels (shouldn't help, but I use all, maybe it will work better on another channels) in Wi-Fi settings "Regulatory domain" (or similar, I'm lazy to switch to english).
  5. Soporose

    Soporose Active Member

    Thanks, I hadn't entered the subnet mask correctly. But even after that was fixed I still had a problem. I'll explain in detail so that anyone else who encounters this will have a better chance of finding the explanation

    After correctly configuring the phone's WiFi settings, it then reported that it is connected to the router.
    Settings --> Wireless & networks --> WiFi (checked)
    Says "Connected to [router name]"

    So back to HiSuite...

    Trying to enable a WiFi connection in HiSuite still results in the message: "Connection failed. Can't connect your device via WiFi, please check:"

    A: Whether the security code you entered is the same as your device.

    B: Whether the Computer and Device Are on the Same Network.
    YES: IP= Mask=

    C: Whether HiSuite daemon is running on your service.

    D: Whether WiFi sleep policy has been specified in WiFi settings.
    Set to NEVER.

    The problem was that the Security Code that HiSuite asks for in its WiFi connection section is NOT the WPA security code of the router, which is what I had been trying to use. What HiSuite is asking for is a code that you get from the HiSuite daemon (i.e. app) on the phone.

    Run the HiSuite app on the phone, tell it to enable WiFi, and the app will then give you a short security code (mine is 4 characters) to be typed into HiSuite where it asks for a Security Code.

    Thanks for your assistance, and I hope this might help someone else.

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