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Ideos X5 cases ?Tips

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  1. KiljoyMcCoy

    KiljoyMcCoy Member

    has anyone found a good case that works with the ideos x5?

  2. brissie

    brissie Member

    I just bought a leather sleeve to keep it in from one of those phone accessory kiosks in the shopping centre here in Australia
  3. raj4mnz

    raj4mnz Member

    Recently I bought one from Ebay and it's very good. The seller was from Hong Kong and was delivered to NZ very quickly as well. No hassle and the quality was good. I hope this help.

  4. NZ_Nitro

    NZ_Nitro Well-Known Member

    trying to find a flip top style case for them too, seems to be not much around?
  5. john.smith

    john.smith New Member

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