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  1. raj4mnz

    raj4mnz Member


    I am from New Zealand and I have recently bought a X5. I am connected to Vodafone NZ network. Now I am having network connection problem. It's frequently dropping network connection and I can't connect it again without rebooting the phone. Can someone help me please?:(

    Is anyone out there having the same issue?


  2. JTAG

    JTAG New Member

    Hi, same issue: X5, New Zealand, 2degrees.

    In my case only packet data seems to be affected (I can still receive calls/txt's... I think...)

    Interesting part is that from my current location there are basically two cell site options:

    1) A 3G+ site (low signal strength)
    2) A 2G site (very high signal strength)

    The phone is currently bugging out and reports no packet data connection (no 'H' symbol at the top of the screen etc) but also indicates a low signal strength suggesting that it is probably attached to the 3G+ site....

    The problem may be related to situations where the phone repeatedly looses it's packet data connection causing it to eventually give up on packet data all together.

    To (temporarily) resolve the issue I find that you can switch to flight/airplane mode and back (hold the power button for a couple seconds to bring up the menu.) This seems to force it to re-register and after a few seconds re-enable packet data.

  3. raj4mnz

    raj4mnz Member

    thanks for sharing your problem with me. i think the problem is with the extended 3G coverage issue in NZ. When I turn of the 3G then there is no problem and the connection is very stable. Recently I went to Auckland and 3G connection over there was very good and I didn't have any problem with my X5 as well. So, I am pretty much sure it is the problem with extended 3G coverage. I hope someone can provide a fix for this.

  4. johnyfalco

    johnyfalco Active Member

    I am in Australia and on Vodafail network also. Over here when the phone drops signal from 3g to 2g or EDGE the phone reboots. Its virtually unusable. :mad:
  5. kcwong

    kcwong New Member

    I also encounter this problem, but after i turn on the "Use only 2G network" i fine it better when i in those no 3G coverage. Setting - Wireless & nework - mobile network
  6. raj4mnz

    raj4mnz Member

    I am just confused now since only few people have replied to my issue. I wonder if it's a issue with my phone or not and should I take my phone back to the seller. By now many people should have purchased this phone and tested on the vodafone 3G network and judging by the replied I am guessing no one is having this issue :(
  7. Cursed Chico

    Cursed Chico Well-Known Member

    Help please
  8. legolash

    legolash Member

  9. Rhonnie5

    Rhonnie5 New Member

    Hi Raj,
    I am having the same problem as you. My phone was bought in NZ but I am currently in Australia, using the Vodafone network. I find when I leave phone overnight in the morning I have to turn it off and on to get internet working. I hope someone can help us.
  10. nu2andy

    nu2andy Well-Known Member

    Hi, I've only had my U8800 X5 a couple of months and recently upgraded to Gingerbread 2.3.5.
    I'm on 2Degrees in NZ (Wellington area) and set to 2G and haven't had any problems so far. Neil.

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