Idiots Guide: Installing [ROM][STABLE]AreaRom v2.3

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  1. xPureEvilx

    xPureEvilx Well-Known Member

    AreaRom Install How To

    (Read all of this!!! Don't try to be "smart" and skip ahead!!!!)

    Here is what to do:

    1. Download the AreaRom Odin

    2. Unzip it to a folder on your computer

    3. Hook up a USB cord to your phone -> Computer


    4. Download AreaRom v2.3

    5. Place the on you phones SD card
    (dont unzip it, just download and transfer it)


    6. Shut your phone off

    7. Hold - Volume Down + Camera + Power (hit power last)

    8. Your phone should now say DOWNLOAD
    (Yellow dont show good on here with with background)

    9. Open the Odin.exe we unzipped to your computer

    10. Put the .OPS file in the OPS slot

    11. Put the Boot.tar in the Boot slot

    12. Put the Phone.tar in the Phone slot

    13. Put the PDA.tar in the PDA slot

    14. Start the Odin

    15. Wait for your phone to restart
    (in the rare case it doesn't, give it about 5 mins then restart it yourself)


    16. After your phone boots up, shut it off

    17. Hold Camera + Volume Up + Power (hit power last)

    18. You should now be in recovery mode
    a. Press the Volume buttons to navigate up and down
    b. Press camera to select stuff
    c. Press power to go back

    19. Select: Install zip from SDcard

    20. Select: Choose zip from SDcard

    21. Find:

    22. Select:

    23. Select: Yes - Install

    24. Wait for your Phone to restart

    ----Your not done, keep reading!------

    25. Wait for you phone to boot back up
    a. This my take 5 mins the first boot, this is normal...Dont Panic!

    26. Hold Power button and select recovery

    27. Wait for phone to boot into recovery

    28. Select: wipe data/factory reset

    29. Select: Yes -- delete all user data

    30. wait for it to be done

    31. Select: reboot system now

    32. Phone will boot back into recovery
    a. We have no idea why it does this
    b. Don't bother asking why

    33. Select: reboot system now

    34. Your Done, and if you did everything in this order it worked!!

    This is how you install any versions of AreaRom v2.x other then the name of the zip on your SDcard changes.

    Thank You,

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  2. Deepfried

    Deepfried Well-Known Member

    Yep. Its easy. This idiot pulled it So far so good...
  3. stdroid

    stdroid Member

    I have a question about this part:

    this is my primary, if not the only reason for doing this... (if there is another way to use a partion off the sdcard that works.. please, by all means, explain...)

    use the CWM advanced Partition SD Card feature
    can I use the "mini tool partion wizard"? I have already used this to create a partion on the current ad card...

    create a /sd-ext partion
    is that what the partion should be called or simply what it is?
    does it need to be ext4? or?? and should it be primary?
    I called it sd-ext, formatted to ext4, primary, working great!

    copy the file to it
    do I copy the zip file to the sdcard or the partion?
    copy to the main sdcard, not the partion

    sorry for all the questions, I am new to phones but have a few years of php programming under my belt. It will just take a little time for me to get rolling. thanks for the advice in advance!
  4. stdroid

    stdroid Member

    some comments i have about this,
    carrier Iq, it should have been removed.
    the task manager should not be a system app.
    the ability to take the CPU past 800 mhz or below 98 should be available
    feels a little 'heavier' than stock, not good for a ram limited phone

    the ability to use a partion of the memory card, AWESOME
    Color and theme, excellent!
  5. kilachinchila

    kilachinchila New Member

    ive been trying to join area51's site for 2 days now... been waiting on a activation email in inbox and in spam folder...nothing! Ive even tried with a different email account, still nothing... no way to contact an admin because you have to be a member! i would so love to use this rom but untill thier website starts working correctly im SOL i guess...
  6. moddedout

    moddedout Member

    Shoot me your username and email and ill see what I can do. I am a mod over at aa51
  7. kilachinchila

    kilachinchila New Member

    got it up and running! runs awesome...quick question... changed the wallpaper but if i wanted to how do i change back to the default "android"? cant find it anywhere...
  8. mrslamdunk

    mrslamdunk New Member

    I tried your process but each time I try and download the AREAROM ODIN files it links me to AREAROM 2.3. I have tried several occasions with the same results. Did the link somehow get screwed up or is it something I'm doing wrong.
  9. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Well-Known Member Contributor

    AreaROM 2.3 is very out of date. I recommend using version 3.4 which has a lot more fixes and working GPS
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  10. mrslamdunk

    mrslamdunk New Member

    Where can I find a link for the 3.4 download. The instructions in Area51 don't include a link.

    Incidentally, I need the link for the FE16 BOOTLOADER ODIN. Tried the one from the 2.3 install but the bootloader odin over there has a PDA.TAR file that keeps coming up with "INVALID IMAGE TYPE" when I try to load it to ODIN.
  11. AMOCO

    AMOCO The Computer Guy Guide

    Here you go:AreaRom Galaxy Precedent Releases - Android Area51
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  12. mrslamdunk

    mrslamdunk New Member

    OK, clicked on the link you sent and here is the message I get.

    Sorry, but due to other websites attempting to steal and take credit for our work
    we do not allow direct links to our files. You can download this file by going to:
    Android Area51

    The funny part is that I'm already logged into AndroidArea51 when I try to link to the file. Tried it several times on both Firefox and Google Chrome browsers and get the same error message. For some reason it doesn't think that I'm logged into Area51. I have logged out and retried but the same message appears.
  13. nickdalzell

    nickdalzell Well-Known Member Contributor

    Not sure, it worked fine for me, but I used my laptop. If you have cwm installed I can make a nandroid backup of my current modified ROM based on AreaRom 3.4 but I warn you it's huge, has a lot of eye candy, and tons of apps. Phone is fluid, smooth as an iPhone though.
  14. AndroidKris

    AndroidKris Well-Known Member

    I was wondering if the guide for the newest version would work on an unrooted device. As in, following the guide will root, as well as install the rom. In all the reading I've done, this much is unclear.

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