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  1. kolosus

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  2. agadida

    agadida Well-Known Member

    Straight talk is what im gonna have to end up getting because boost mobile doesnt have as great of reception than i thought itd have. when i saw that they'll have this phone i was happy because im used to this now, and its android. just sucks that shabbymod wont work on it, but that just means i'll have to try and tinker with it.
  3. davew41

    davew41 Active Member

    Good post and true, most of the mods have no clue what this phone is when you download them..
    you can root it and get superuser rights but that is about all right now..

    I did install this mod on mine but it was slow
    but that is again for the prevail not the precedent...

    so we are left at the old question i am rooted now what?
  4. agadida

    agadida Well-Known Member

    You can download the app Root Checker from the market and itll check to see if your rooted and have busybox

    ignore, i read your post wrong haha.
  5. davew41

    davew41 Active Member

    Also if you get the dreaded operation not permitted use this link

    then for busybox download
    BusyBox Installer by JRummy16
    on the busybox installer it has an ad at the bottom for install you have to be quick to hit install before the ad loads.. then to make sure it all works use
    root checker this will check for busybox and if you have root
  6. kolosus

    kolosus Well-Known Member

    Once you have root you can try Wireless Tether. To give you an example the ONLY reason I wanted root was so I could use wifi tether. After a month or so I started to play around with roms and other "enhancements".

    As for roms. You guys will get your own roms soon. Someone with the know how will dump the stock rom and someone will start modding it.

    Patience grasshopper. Prevail owners waited months before we had root. Precedent owners got root handed to them out the door!

    I have a linux machine and lots of linux experience... but 0 android experience. Once I get hold of a handset I'll start exploring stuff... Give it time and enjoy the journey.
  7. davew41

    davew41 Active Member

  8. davew41

    davew41 Active Member

    I Think the precedent should have its own forum now that we are seeing the prevail and the precedent are software wise pretty different... and we will get a lot of bricked phones out there lol
  9. kolosus

    kolosus Well-Known Member

    That's a decision made outside my pay grade. :D

    Hopefully someone will be paying attention. Now we need a custom rom for the device!
  10. Yeah, I was told that they were the same, and hardware wise they are, but I installed the wrong Shabbymod that made it unbootable, and had to restore through Odin. And the restore image was for the Prevail, so now the phone is not working well and the owner (Mother) is not happy with me. I'm VERY glad you have an Odin restore for me, but for posterity I vote we get a separate forum for this phone so others don't struggle with this.

    So people can confirm for me, Shabbymod, even with the one that doesn't break your phone on install, won't work with the Precedent? That's saddening. I'd love to see an equivalent.
  11. jtbel

    jtbel New Member

    Hey guys, been doing a lot of reading, trying to figure this thing out. I got a new precedent, it was working great. I wanted to get the tethering working, so I tried the "Factory Straight Talk precedent". I downloaded the drivers to my laptop, opened up "Odin", chose SCH-M828C.ops, placed the phone.tar and pda.tar in the correct places. Pressed start, and everything seemed to work. It shows the "Superuser" icon in the apps. The problem is: It keeps giving me the talk authentication failed notification, or something close to that, and I can't download apps. I tried it twice, the first time when I tried downloading apps, it would start and not finish. After the second time, it says the app will be downloaded, but nothing happens. My question is how can this be fixed, and also, if I get tired of trying, how would I get it back to its previous state, without being rooted. Thanks

    Wow, I did the factory reset, and it seems to be working correctly now. It still shows the Superuser icon (I'm assuming this means it is rooted). How do I do the tethering from this point?
  12. davew41

    davew41 Active Member

    THis is an endless google error with no resolve do a search on any of the search engines and you will get 90000000000000000000000000 ways to fix it..
    I had this issue as well ONLY when i returned home where my signal was not that good
    All day at work I would be fine then on the ride home and at home I would get this error..
    What i did?
    I went to gmail and made a NEW gmail account
    then i added that account to the pone and went into google talk icon itself and signed on from there..
    I left that account on the phone and had no issues..
    AGAIN search this error on any search engines and ALSO HERE and you will find there is no dam fix for it..
    this is one of those GREAT Droid issues that google has yet to resolve

    so as you see this has nothing to do with the rooting of your phone..
  13. davew41

    davew41 Active Member

    Give him time to make it.. these things do not happen overnight..
    you can tear apart the one I made and modify it however you like :rolleyes:
  14. MrPeter1985

    MrPeter1985 Well-Known Member

    Wont help you any, the boost phone is on Sprint, the straightalk phone is also on Sprint as its the same phone. This was confirmed by other Precedent owners. Sorry
  15. mind_bender

    mind_bender New Member

    My Samsung Galaxy Precedent Rooted fine with Odin....very easy thanks for the heads up on the ROM availability.
  16. agadida

    agadida Well-Known Member

    yea i noticed that a few days after posting that. its such a shame that the android phones straight talk has (two now) are on sprint towers. I ended up getting a nokia 6790. itll be shipped in a while. i'll still stay on here cuz im keeping my prevail. using it for kindle and movies and such.
  17. I'm sorry, I didn't think I had any tones of impatience in my post. I simply said it was sad. Sorry for the confusion. Besides, I assumed he made it for himself and shared it with others, and since he doesn't to the best of my knowledge have the Precedent, I don't expect him to make a ROM for it.

    I could modify the hell out of an iPhone (Though I've been phoneless for the last few months, I might be out of practice/date), but SERIOUS modification of an Android ROM, to the point that I'd like to get it, is out of my reach, and in not owning an Android myself, I'm not going to learn on my mother's when I barely see her and can't give technical support when it breaks. I want to get all the things she won't use off, I want to get every minute of battery life I can while still having it obvious how to turn things on so they work, I want stability, etc... And since I don't yet have the knowledge to do that, I'd prefer to have a custom ROM to flash it with.

    A separate subforum would at the very least avoid the issues I had initially for future owners of this device though. Weird conflicting information about what works and doesn't work for it, and all mixed in with the Prevail? Not good for beginners, no matter how technical minded they may be.
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  18. I7IZI

    I7IZI Member

    Hey hey fellow droidsies :) I may have found a simple workaround for those of you having trouble with the one-click root method. Being that I am a linux user I can't say if this will make a difference for all you windows boxes, sorry. I attempted the one-click method multiple times both while the phone was on and during reboot (wasted a whole 10 minutes of my life that I can no longer get back) and then I tried starting ADB with root user privileges before running the one-click exploit and within another 10 minutes voila I was rooted. Now to install all those fun root user apps. Good luck and happy hacking :) posted from a rooted precedent.
    If anyone can confirm that starting ADB with root privileges before starting one-click exploit that would awesome!
  19. androidnewbie2

    androidnewbie2 Well-Known Member

  20. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Well-Known Member Developer

    actually tbh most of teh stuff from shabbymod should be portable.. whats throwing you guys for a look is gunna be /system/framework

    i bet if someone takes teh time to deodex it and replace the framework folder in shabbymod 0.9 loaded with it youd have a working version :)

    thats justa quick guess as i really dont know off teh top of my head. are you guys also doing a factory reset after flashing the rom?
  21. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    If someone opens a topic in Suggestion Box & Feedback to request such a thing, I'm sure Phases will consider it. The last thing anyone wants to see is "Help, I'm bricked!" posts.
  22. jmc0228

    jmc0228 Member

    Hey everybody, I just clicked on the contact us and send the webmaster a request to create a separate forum for the precedent and they did! Now Samsung Galaxy Precedent has his own forum!

    Also I used the odin image from davew41 and it works great!! at first I couldn't download apps and it was giving me some errors about gtalk but after doing a factory reset (like someone suggested) it works great! Thank you very much davew41.
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  23. GaryEffinOak

    GaryEffinOak New Member

    I flashed my Precedent with odin, it's all rooted, busybox and superuser are installed, all is fine... Until yesterday when I plugged my phone into the wall charger and got this message "Cannot charge incompatible battery, see user manual". Im curious if maybe something the odin image messed something up? When my phone boots it says Boost Mobile, but does that actually mean anything? Is it possible that this would have any effect on if my battery is detected as being compatible? I tried plugging it in to my laptop usb, same thing. It does charge when the phone is completely off as far as i can see, but thats really inconvenient. I dropped my phone from a lofted bed onto a desk below while it was charging and then it started this not charging thing, could that have affected it? I know that is more likely than something with the odin image, and im in no way blaming this image for my phones problem.

    Sorry for rambling and any incoherence in that post... :)
  24. kolosus

    kolosus Well-Known Member

    You're getting the Boost logo at startup? Did you use the correct Odin image? Sounds like you used Odin but you used the Boost image instead of the Prevail image.

    You should make sure of what you downloaded and try again. As for the battery problem the only time I got that message was when I was trying to have a backup battery from an older Samsung phone that had the same exact battery. Once I put the original batter back in everything went back to normal. Did you someone swap your battery? Did you swap your battery perhaps? Should give you some ideas as to what to try...
  25. nsomniac

    nsomniac Active Member

    Is it possible to go back to a stock rom after this, if so how would i get one, and what changes would i have to make to the prevail shabbymod to make it compatible with the precedent, im very new to this rooting thing, but i have been modding consoles both home and handheld for quite a few years now, and if this isn't the right place for these questions please send me to a place that is... and also why doesn't this thread get moved to it's proper location along with the others about this phone now that it exists. thanks nSomniac

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