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  1. davew41

    davew41 Active Member

    You are very Welcome
    My new Samsung galaxy S (old version will be here tomorrow) soI hope my work for the Precedent helps more people out

  2. PoorBoy52760

    PoorBoy52760 Well-Known Member

    i tried to DEODEX my precedent today and bricked the damn thing.. had to reflash it with the odin to get it back to working... THANK GOD for that one... anyway.. i am still playing with it to see what i can and can't remove odex wise so we can free up some space anyway...

    This Post should be Stickied.. Just Sayin...
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  3. Rebecca928

    Rebecca928 Member

    I also dropped my phone from the couch to the carpeted floor and I too started to get this error that my battery was not compatible.. I took my battery out .. waited a minute and put it back in n so far "knock on wood" it has been fine... lol
  4. Rebecca928

    Rebecca928 Member

    I too rooted my phone with the post that davew posted and I also had the same problem, I searched and searched and what I found that worked was I downloaded and installed cache mate. and went to settings applications -manage applications- market , google etc and cleared all of the data for each and it has been 5 days no probs!
  5. PoorBoy52760

    PoorBoy52760 Well-Known Member

    Easier Way to fix it, instead of cache mate, which takes up much needed space for other stuff hold Volup, camera and hit power will take u to recovery mode you can clear all cache and even factory reset from there, (Factory Reset will not UNROOT your phone) no worries there...
  6. cray

    cray Member

    I did this and it fixed my problem, too!

    I have been running rooted for 2 days and so far so good. Been reading about flashing a prl that will allow roaming and improve signal strength.
  7. boostedKush

    boostedKush New Member

    I truly don't know why IA this one click out released. Its a waste of time. Plus if u don't know how to Odin u shouldn't be rooting and instead u should be reading and educating yourself.

    Odin image worked fine. Also had the broblem AND the insufficient storage problem, both fixed with a fatory reset.

    BTW factory reset does NOT unroot this phone.
  8. Shimmerluck

    Shimmerluck New Member

    I downloaded your image and now I have no service. I have done a factory reset and I have dont the vol up - camera- power on and cleared the cache as well as a factory reset from that option as well and still nothing. I have re-downloaded the image twice from the mega upload site, I have downloaded both images to the phone twice, and I have also included the boot.rar file twice. At this point all I have is a near brick that re-loads itself about every 5 minutes. Any Ideas?
  9. woobieizer

    woobieizer Well-Known Member

    Large image Click


    Archive by murderousone
    Factory Straight Talk Precedent Root

    Original post in:
  10. smithcoth

    smithcoth New Member

    I used Odin image provided by daveW41. It works lovely and it is a very quick and simple proccess.
  11. Shimmerluck

    Shimmerluck New Member

    Yes, I read and followed the directions (with the exception that I selected the SCH-M282C.OPS file and not the one in the readme file). I think my problem is that the phone now shows 'unknown' for the baseband and model numbers but I honestly do not remember what the phone had for these values before the download was done. First question, are the baseband and model number fields the problem and if yes how would I go about changing the baseband and model number shown on the 'about the phone' screen and to what should they be changed? Second question, should the download update have changed these fields or is something else up with the baseband and model number fields?
  12. woobieizer

    woobieizer Well-Known Member

    1) They are indeed part of the problem as your "prop" are missing in the obvious areas and more still in the one you are NOT able to see via the GUI.

    2) No. The file Davew41 compiled did not change "prop" just added SUPERUSER.

    LOL,, ikr the Readme was not 100% accurate.. left some unfortunate wiggle room.

    Im near the end of my helpfulness. But it sounds as if you build.prop file got corrupted thus populating blank baseband values as well as the other values.

    Correct Values

    IDK what to tell you other than perhaps you can take it back WW and replace., or wait till the REAL smart ppl make your acquaintance, offering you a method to realize satisfaction..

    I can not fathom why the same package we used successfully, has rendered your phone inoperable.

    What can you do with this phone, before the resets? Do you get the generic Blue Trackphone splash screen starting up the device?If you dont see the Trackphone splash screen then something is wrong with the loaded image.

    In any case, Let's just start from scratch:
    Delete all previous ODIN images, and get the one Murderousone archived. You will not have to go via Mega wait timer Just Click and save to Desktop, 7zip>Open archive>Make Folder>Extract

    Factory Straight Talk Precedent Root

    BTW.. I never had to use the Boot.tar
    only because the directions hinted. only use if things get really messed up.

    The directions are not there as to what sequence of what other files you are to use w/ you might experiment again.

    IE Boot.tar alone
    then follow directions assuming proper order.

    Thanks for responding and good luck!

  13. CherokeeBlood

    CherokeeBlood Active Member

    I did mine with Odin, everything worked great. I got the Authentication thing going on. after playing around, and my windows sense kicked in. I found my date and time were wrong. I went into settings and set everything to manual settings, corrected the date and time, restarted to phone and Viola. It all works now.

    The Windows Sense: When your having trouble with updates downloading, Check your date<<<< Past experience
  14. xPureEvilx

    xPureEvilx Well-Known Member

    I used Odin to root my phone and everything seems to be good... But It seems like alot of people are having minor issues, Should I just do a Factory reset right now? ( by factory reset do you guys mean Data reset or a true factory reset?)
  15. Shimmerluck

    Shimmerluck New Member

    I downloaded the file you pointed to. It was the same as my previous download but I tried it using every possible combination and still nothing.
    I do not think it is the build.proc because I used the sdk and copied my build.proc to my windows system and edited it. It looks fine, there does not apear to be anything corupted like ro.baseband=#@$%!&*, in fact there is no mention of baseband in there at all. As a sanity check it would be VERY helpful if someone could post a copy of their Precedent's build.proc file just so that I can make sure nothing has been deleted or otherwise hosed. From what else I have been able to gleen from other post around the internet it seems that the baseband operand is set in the init.rc (at least some other model phones). I do not have a Linux system and when I copied the init.rc file to my windows system it seems to have a lot of non printable chars in it. Is there a 'special' editor or init.rc build module that I need in order to see what the init.rc file has in it? On the Precedent is the init.rc file the right place to be looking for where the baseband= field is set? If the field is not set in the init.rc file would it be possible to add it to the build.proc file and initalize it that way? What numbers are going to win the powerball loter this Wednesday? If I get a correct answer to that one then I can just use this brick for target practice and get anotherone that works.
  16. bakedgoodss

    bakedgoodss New Member

    I just downloaded Odin and followed directions exactly and it worked perfectly. No bugs whatsoever. Guess is idiots guide because if you did not follow direction im sure you could easily screw up your phone. Much thanks davew41. Hoping to see some mods soon but just finally being able to tether is great!!!!
  17. unknownpro

    unknownpro Member

    this says it is for a precedent... I'm new, but is this the right thing?

    [ACS][ROM] ShabbyCent 0.1

    it's on this forum, but antispam will not let me post link.

    in precedent all things root
  18. PoorBoy52760

    PoorBoy52760 Well-Known Member

    This is a new ROM the FIRST ONE for the Precedent, ShabbyCent 0.1 we are getting somewhere atleast..
  19. kylelake

    kylelake Member

    where can i get the shaby rom
  20. AlPeaston

    AlPeaston New Member

    I love my Samsung Precedent phone from StraightTalk!!! A good friend rooted it and installed Wifi tether (infrastructure mode) now I have internet for my Toshiba Thrive wherever I have 3G service. And all that and unlimited talk, text and data for only $45 a month. Amazing!

  21. Jennyjen

    Jennyjen New Member

    Sorry...your post was a while back so this may be useless. I own the Samsung galaxy precedent android from straight talk. Most places I have great reception...except where I use it most. Go figure. This particular android happens to run off of sprint's towers (other phones of theirs run off verizon's towers= GREAT reception) and they aren't exactly the greatest around here reception-wise. ** CAUTION: Look into how good of reception the sprint company gets in your area before purchasing this phone** other than my slight reception issue I love this phone. I am going to try the antenna booster sticker thing to see if it improves it any. Hopes this helped you...if not I hope it helps somebody.
  22. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    Jenny, that's the greatest piece of non-science that's been invented in the past 50 years. If it actually worked, every cellphone manufacturer would include the loop as part of the phone - it wouldn't add more than a couple of pennies to the cost. (The stickers cost about 3 cents each in the quantities the stores buy them in.) If you haven't bought one yet, save your money.

    Maybe ST will come out with a nice Android GSM phone and then we can all be on AT&T's towers. I'd pay more for a fast dual core with more RAM, and take a loss on my Precedent.
  23. connexion2005

    connexion2005 Well-Known Member

    Can ANYONE upload a copy of the ODIN file to multi-upload as the MEGAUPLOAD site is temporarily taken down by the FBI? Yes it's true.
  24. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    Since Megaupload probably won't be coming back, I put Killing Me Softly, rtto and the x86 drivers on my site for download. Samsung Precedent Rooting Files

    You can click on the link (or the QR code) or use the QR reader in your phone.

    If anyone needs the 64 bit drivers, let me know and I'll add them (although Windows 7 seems to find what it needs all by itself).

    If the QR codes are too close together, let me know here and I'll redo the page.

    (No comments on the page, please. Yes, I know how to make a nice page, I do it for a living, but this one works.)

    I have plenty of room on that site, so if you need anything else for the Precedent that's not in the Market or on Amazon, let me know and if I can find it I'll put it up.

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  25. akashik

    akashik Well-Known Member

    ^-- might want to check your forum Rukbat. I just had a Trojan alert when I went up the tree from the link you posted.

    *edit* Not to say the files you link to are bad. You're server/forum software is just throwing up some nasty javascript according to Avast.

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