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  1. spunge

    spunge Member

    got home last night.. phone was off. though that was odd. tried to turn it on.. nothing. pulled battery put it back in, it came on. but would freeze then power off. left it off all night, powered back on this morning. worked fine for about 4 hours.. then froze again and cut off. only way it would turn on is if i did a battery pull. but would do the same exact thing! i was running froyocream rom.

    been trying to wipe/factory reset, but it just wont work. tried flashing the MT stock recovery. said it installed.. but when i power up.. its the same "Google" start up screen. tried to go back into cwm and i get the google image and the charging battery icon, then it shuts off.

    im so stumped.. and very aggrevated at this point. can anyone help me through this? i really dont want to have to buy a new one :(

  2. imabitfighty

    imabitfighty Well-Known Member

    clearly hardware faults. if you can get the phone running long enough to flash the stock rom back onto it, try getting it replaced.

    oh btw the image you see when the phone starts up is not part of the rom. it is flashed seperately.

    froyocream has a thing where it sets it to its own but doesnt change it back to the motorola one.

    you have to put the motorola image on the phone in download mode. theres a tut for it somewhere here, i used it alot to change the splash image.
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  3. spunge

    spunge Member

    yea it was flashed properly. its def a hardware fault. i left it off for a couple days, tried to power it on, it powered on.. ALMOST long enough for me to internally reset to factory but it just froze n cut itself off.

    i contacted virgin mobile.. apparently the warranty was still good even though i got it off ebay. soooooo theyre just sending me a new one. which will be nice. who knows what the previous owner had done to it while he had it. free brand new triumph ftw :smokingsomb:
  4. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    Yeah the one saving grace that Virgin has is their extremely generous replacement policy, as you found out it even extends to subsequent purchasers. You don't have to worry about flashing it to stock. They do a minimal hardware inspection and then flash a software image to all the warranty returns, they don't look at the software at all. Another great thing if they haven't changed it is after you receive the replacement you'll find that the 1 year warranty restarts. You'll even be eligible for insurance, not that it's worthwhile with their easy replacement policy. Every other carrier that I've dealt with usually gives you 30 days or the remainder of the original 1 year warranty, whichever is greater. So the obviously smart thing to do is have your phone replaced before the warranty ends. With all of the issues that the Triumph has that shouldn't be too difficult.
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  5. spunge

    spunge Member

    thats good to know. im idiggin the new warranty option! but looks like imma have to cash in on that once again if i cant get this new one fixed... *facepalm

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