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  1. LGismyVISION

    LGismyVISION Well-Known Member

    Uhhhh hi hi , in these dark times where MetroPCS is at Tmobile , Better pricing and better phones to come....

    I got some news , I made a Internet Explorer 10 Lookalike , From Windows 8.... I took the time to make it and should be finished... Here are some previews with LG QuickMemo.

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  2. LGismyVISION

    LGismyVISION Well-Known Member

    Really , No comments , I thought it would be useful to some , I think I should just not finish , Doesn't seem worth it (I don't want attention , I am just like O_O since no one is posting)
  3. omgbossis21

    omgbossis21 Well-Known Member

    I'm interested
  4. blaze420916

    blaze420916 Well-Known Member

  5. johnnyolivares

    johnnyolivares Well-Known Member

    Looks good, I'll be waiting for the release.
  6. LGismyVISION

    LGismyVISION Well-Known Member

    News , I ran into a bug that after 3 opens , deletes bookmarks , And also then closes until you open it , I am fixing this bug

    Uhhh while I looked for WP7 Browsers , I found Best Browser and it has everything mine has in the exact same place , Use BB until I finish mine and I am adding Flash support for my browser , It only has HTML5 as of this point ....:D

    If you want to learn how I learned to make this , I use Visual Basic and then used "VB To Android" and it was successful ... I am later making the IE 10 browser lookalike for Windows XP , Vista , 7
  7. Mega Optimus

    Mega Optimus Well-Known Member

    interesting I haven't used Internet Explorer since Firefox came out. I heard Internet Explore 10 is good
  8. johnnyolivares

    johnnyolivares Well-Known Member

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