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  1. aleesara01

    aleesara01 Active Member

    If everything on your phone was fine and the only issue was the light leakage, would you still exchange it? I have a leak under the home button and on the left side vertically. I am having a hard time determining whether this is a "serious" enough issue.....

  2. ootherocoo

    ootherocoo Active Member

    I've been thinking about this a lot too. But every time I think about leaving I look at how beautiful this phone is. Not to mention the cheaper rate plans on Sprint.

    I'm sure that the light issue will get fixed. All the other "problems" with the Evo, I don't have.
  3. IXIShogunR1

    IXIShogunR1 Well-Known Member

    i have slight light leakage.... i had to look really hard for it
    i also have the grounding issue.... but unless the phone just completely fails or falls apart i don't think i'll return it or exhange it... im waiting for either sprint to maybe come up with a fix that they can do.... or someone else finds a DIY fix that works really well

    but i have a case on my phone do the light leakage doesn't bother me since i can't see it
  4. aleesara01

    aleesara01 Active Member

    Thanks for the input! I too am fine with Sprint and after 12 years I prob won't leave them...
  5. effluent

    effluent Well-Known Member

    What's the big deal about light leakage and wanting to ditch an amazing phone just because of that? I have a little under the home button and only noticed because I saw the complaints here.
  6. aleesara01

    aleesara01 Active Member

    Who said anything about ditching the phone?
  7. clambert1273

    clambert1273 Well-Known Member

    i have a little.. but not enough for me to scream about or to return it for.. everything else works flawlessly on mine... :D
  8. aleesara01

    aleesara01 Active Member

    Thanks for the reponse. I think that I am going to stick with it, but I might change my case. Right now I have the white and chrome one from Sprint and I wonder if everytime I pull it off I can make the side leak worse?
  9. Sprockethead

    Sprockethead Well-Known Member

    Could somebody please define light leakage for me? I've seen it talked about here but don't know what it might look like. I don't think I have it, if I do I haven't noticed it. But I'm still curious.
  10. QuickDraw

    QuickDraw Well-Known Member

    I personally would return it and get another one. Although you may want to wait until there are more EVO's saturating the market. It may have already changed, but I viewed a news article just the other day about how the HTC EVO's had been sold out nation wide.
  11. IXIShogunR1

    IXIShogunR1 Well-Known Member

    where the screen meets the phone's body at the base under the home buttons.... you can sometimes see light from the LEDs that light up the buttons the bigger the gap the more light you see
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  12. clambert1273

    clambert1273 Well-Known Member

    maybe... that is an interesting thought...

    I don't have a case around it constantly but I did get this one:

    HTC HD2, HTC EVO 4G Messenger Vertical Pouch

    and it is awesome.. keeps it snug and it never falls out in my purse.. otherwise it just sits out on top of the case in front of me..

    I do have a clarivue screen protector on ..
  13. sagedil

    sagedil Well-Known Member

    I discovered last night I have some light leakage. My wife's Evo does not. I just put my Body Glove back on. Problem solved.

    To answer OP. Of course not, I love my phone. With case, the leakage alone is a non issue.
  14. aleesara01

    aleesara01 Active Member

    My best buy has been sold out since the first day. They are only selling to preorders and not yet replacing handsets. The manager did say that they are considering extending the 30 policy due to the supply shortage, so that could be a good thing.
  15. papamarik

    papamarik Well-Known Member

  16. CrisG

    CrisG Active Member

    I exchanged my first EVO for multiple issues. The replacement has slight light leakage under one or two of the buttons. It's really only noticeable in dark lighting. I am not replacing this one.
  17. deeanne59

    deeanne59 Member

    My husband and I got our EVOS at the same time (launch day), and his developed light leakage under the home button and mine was fine (see Sagedil post above). Now, mine has developed barely noticeable light leakage under both home and search buttons. We both use body gloves, so the leakage is not visible. Otherwise...the phone is terrific!
  18. teky

    teky Well-Known Member

    I don't have this problem...but a simple $15 gel case should cover it fine. They really do protect everything but the screen really well. I've got one and love it. Like I said, I don't have the light leak, but if I did, I would never know it unless I took the gel case off and looked for it.
  19. Jebus Christ

    Jebus Christ Well-Known Member

    I have it and I am returning the phone. I am doing it because my phone developed tiny little scratches on the stand but just laying it down on surfaces. That and I'm doing it out of fear that the problem could become worst and things could deteriorate from there(aka dust getting in there.
  20. TheManRSW

    TheManRSW Well-Known Member

    My phone started out as perfect, but over the last few weeks it's gotten worse. I had small light leakage from under the navigation keys at the bottom (all four), but that didn't really bother me, I just bought a case. Since then the screen has started to separate and I get movement when pressing the screen on the lower left. Then the touch screen started to act funny, like when typing in portrait mode the "p" button and surrounding buttons have started to lose their sensitivity. The grounding issue wasn't really bothersome, but I did notice it. I talked to a rep today that told me that wasn't really a fixable thing (with an update). I did update earlier and saw no difference. I also have problems with the headphone/speaker jack at the top. Any of these problems alone would not cause me to return the phone for a replacement, but having them compound on one another has led me to preorder another one. Not really a big deal, I knew getting a near release day phone would make me a beta tester...so it doesn't really bother me. I love the phone...and will not be getting rid of the EVO anytime soon. This thing has grown on me like no other!
  21. Thefoodman52

    Thefoodman52 Well-Known Member

    I'll just use it until there's major problems. Yes my screen is slowly separating more and more as time goes on, yes the light is becoming more visible at the bottom, but I'll use it until those problems becomes issues.
  22. hawkijustin

    hawkijustin Well-Known Member

    I have a little light coming out below the home and search buttons but honestly i dont give a shit. Im not risking my amazing evo for that. My battery life is amazing to say the least. This phone has become my baby and although its not perfect i love it!
  23. cluckkillerb

    cluckkillerb Well-Known Member

    This phone has been sold out and continually backed up for almost a month straight, but what do you see the news covering? iPhone garbage~!! aj;sdlfkouguwkcjbna!!! Talk about Android discrimination!! :mad:

    Back on topic, personally I wouldn't take it back if it's JUST light leakage. But, if it's light leakage caused by the screen lifting.. hell yes I would. I'm not risking it based on HTC owning up to their mistake, lol. My phone looks and works perfect besides those 2 issues, I really wish I didn't have to exchange it.
  24. Braaainz

    Braaainz Well-Known Member

    I am SOOO glad that my phone appears defect free. I really feel for those that have problems.

    I know I had a lot of problems getting my phone activated (massive problems initially with Sprint customer service... but they definitely came thru in the end), but whew... I'd rather take a horrible customer service rep for four hours than deal with the build issues others have.

    Sorry guys. I wish you the best.

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