If I hard reset my phone, does that erase the SD card back to factory too?Support

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  1. Connectz

    Connectz Well-Known Member

    If I hard reset my phone, does that erase the SD card back to factory too? I need to know so I can backup everything on the sd to my desktop first if necessary.

    And one more question, how do I hard reset my phone to get it back to factory settings?

    Also, what will happen to my paid apps? I actually paid for Beautiful Widget and when I restore, I don't want to use the same gmail to set up my contacts as before cuz that account gets too much spam...


  2. No the card is a separate reformat operation. You card will be fine.
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  3. Connectz

    Connectz Well-Known Member

    Thanx for the quick response! What will happen to my paid apps? Will I have to repurchase them again? Especially with all this nonsense about the marketplace going on?

    HTCRALEIGHFAN Well-Known Member

    its best u remove the card be4 u hard reset!!!!

    your apps will have to be redownloaded you will NOT have to pay for them just redownload and install
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  5. Connectz

    Connectz Well-Known Member

    And last, how do I hard reset?
  6. Connectz

    Connectz Well-Known Member

  7. No they will come up again through the market. You will loose your free apps however.
  8. Connectz

    Connectz Well-Known Member

    I paid for beautiful widgets under a different email address... Now that I signed into my phone with the gmail addy that I REALLY want to use, it says I have to buy it again...

    I really REALLY don't want to use my old gmail as it gets too much spam... I want to start with a fresh new gmail...
  9. Connectz

    Connectz Well-Known Member

    I got it, I logged into my "spam" acct downloaded it and then logged out of my spam acct...
  10. nahpungnome

    nahpungnome Well-Known Member

    Use AppBrain, makes reinstalling apps much easier.
  11. Palmetto Fellow

    Palmetto Fellow Well-Known Member

    If I want to cleanse my system of all the free apps on there now, can I just do a normal factory reset? Do they redownload and install by logging into my gmail again? Will paid apps automatically start to install?
  12. Mr. Ed

    Mr. Ed Well-Known Member

    your apps are not backed up by google.

    you will need to manually download your paid apps from the market. The market itself has stored the information that you have payed and you will not have to pay again...

    or, as mentioned...you can use appbrain to manage your apps
  13. oldsmoboat

    oldsmoboat Well-Known Member

  14. thumperyz69

    thumperyz69 Well-Known Member

    I am shocked your Gmail account gets spam. IMHO gmail does a great of filtering. I get almost no spam at all.
  15. accusedreaper

    accusedreaper Member

    If i hard reset my evo, will it delete my clockwork backups?
  16. akazabam

    akazabam Well-Known Member

    No, those are stored on the sdcard, which will not be wiped. You should probably copy them to your computer, first, though, just to be safe. Of course, if you have clockwork backups, I'll assume you're rooted, in which case, you should just be wiping data from recovery rather than performing a factory reset. It's the same thing anyway.

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