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  1. ritchey

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    I would like to show to You my FREE application called YouPaint and its website:


    Here is a simple start guide and screenshoots:

    YouPaint - Get Started

    This is FREE application for painting using realistic brushes. Example painting is above.
    It has many features:

    • 10 different brushes types (customizable in size, alpha, spacing)
    • 16.7 M of colors, color picker, alpha blending
    • multitouch move and zoom (from 20% to 1600%)
    • multi step undo/redo
    • share on Facebook, Flickr, YouPaint and email (directly from phone)
    • save pictures to gallery
    App is similar to IPhone "Brushes". Please check and rate it :)
    It is available either on my website and Android Market.
    It requires Android 2.0+
    Another example painting created with YouPaint:

  2. ritchey

    ritchey New Member

    Please, tell me Your opinions and suggestions (about app and westite).
    Thank You

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