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If you rooted your Vizio tablet, be warned about 1.5 update

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  1. Maine Coon

    Maine Coon Well-Known Member

    The update takes away root and you will not be able to root it again using the same procedure.

    Download Titanium Backup Pro and freeze Vizio Update service if you want to keep your VTAB1008 rooted.

  2. andymcj

    andymcj New Member

    I updated my VTab to the OTA 1.5 update this morning..

    However the version still reads 1.4 even after some cold reboots, here are the details listed after the update:

    Android version: 2.3.2 GRH78C
    Kernel Version:
    Hardware Version: Hardware ID:5(PVT1)
    Software Version: V.I.A Plus 1.4
    Uboot Version: 1.1.18
    Build Number: 1.9.57

    I hope this helps some of you to see what changes, but I am still unsure as to why Vizio promote this OTA update as 1.5 when the details in the About Device still clearly indicate 1.4? I guess this is just a ruse to make you think you are getting the next level of features but in reality it is just to stop people rooting their devices.

  3. rnaodm

    rnaodm Member

    Thanks I jumped on the forums to check the OTA update that just poped upon my vizio.

    So all it really does is prevent rooting? Seems odd Vizio would even bother with that considering theres really no custom rom scene for the vtabs
  4. BarryD9545

    BarryD9545 New Member

    Silly me, I didn't check first.

    I've lost root, and no longer see ad-hoc networks: tethering is lost.


    Hopefully there'll be a new method soon, tethering is rather important to me.
  5. probbiethe1

    probbiethe1 Active Member

  6. mooney101

    mooney101 Member

    I was about to get one of these does this mean it can't be rooted or as this been fixed? Thank you
  7. BarryD9545

    BarryD9545 New Member

    It's been a while, has there been any work on rooting/tethering the vizio to ad-hoc?


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