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If your battery drains overnight.Tips

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  1. McGilli

    McGilli Well-Known Member

    UPDATE: MORE UPDATES below on how I get close to 7 days on one battery charge. Hope it can help someone.

    UPDATE HERE: http://androidforums.com/samsung-ga...our-battery-drains-overnight.html#post4247376


    Just thought I'd post this since I read a few threads about some people's battery draining over night etc.

    Here is mine. I turn off Wi-Fi at night.

    I charge mine in the evening, and I unplug it when I go to bed. Sleep about 9 hours. I seem to lose at most 1% battery overnight.

    You can see that when I wake up in the morning, the phone checks my email with wi-fi and the battery starts to get used.

    Anyways - just thought I'd post this to show that you don't need to have your battery drain down while you are sleeping.

    1.I rooted.

    2.Titanium Backup I FROZE:

    Readers Hub
    Social Hub
    Software Update (I unfreeze when I want to check for a firmware update)
    Voice Search
    Voice Talk
    Wi-Fi sharing

    3. I installed SETCPU and leave it ON DEMAND for min 200 max 1400




  2. GiggityGiggity

    GiggityGiggity Well-Known Member

    Mine isn't rooted and I get results very close to yours. My routine is similar to yours in that I charge in the evening (if it needs it) and kill wifi overnight. I also have 3G switched off unless I need it, purely because I live in a real dead spot for both GSM signal and 3G data. On average I lose 0.3% per hour overnight and only need to charge every other day, but then I am a light user phone wise. I still play games, watch vids, browse web & check emails though.
  3. Zenstrive

    Zenstrive Well-Known Member

    Hmm..I now charge overnight and unplug it 6 or 7 hours later...with WiFi on so that the softwares can be auto-updated at night without intruding me :)
    In the morning before go to office I turn off wifi and turn on data connection. With MP3 playing non stop, could last 12 hours or so before I go to bed, with <10% remaining.
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  4. johnb41

    johnb41 Well-Known Member

    @GiggityGiggity, how do you turn off 3G without rooting your phone?

    I leave Wifi on because I thought that drains battery less than 3g/4g. Isn't that the case.

    Anyway, why would anyone not be charging overnight? I sometimes will do that just for testing the battery. But in normal usage, when I'm sleeping there is no reason why I can't be charging overnight.
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  5. McGilli

    McGilli Well-Known Member

  6. kei888

    kei888 Member


    Sir, can you post the complete settings of your SetCPU aside from the min and max Mhz on the Main tab? :)

    Have you checked the "Set on Boot" after setting the min and max frequency? :)

  7. Braxos

    Braxos Well-Known Member

    Hold power button 3 secs a menu will pop up press the second option repeat to enable/disable data connection.

    On note wifi consumes more battery then 3g if you live in a area with high and good signal quality.
  8. hereu

    hereu New Member

    This one is simple to solve by using the inbuilt task manager (which I have on my "home" screen)

    I often clear my active applications but you need to clear your ram to stop your battery drain. You don't lose any contacts, texts/mail or game scores/settings.

    Worked 100% for me when my note was flat in the morning :)
  9. biscuitlad

    biscuitlad Well-Known Member

    Wifi has always been the main drain of the battery, that and bluetooth. That's why the first iPhone was such a scam - Steve Jobs claimed 3G was too big a battery drain, despite allowing wifi!

    You can automate turning off wifi, silencing your phone, etc every night by using the excellent Tasker app. It's a paid app, but it's great for automating various wifi / bluetooth options. For example, I have mine set to make my phone silent between midnight and 5am, and to turn off wifi until 6.30am when the Guardian app is scheduled to download its news media. It also turns on bluetooth for an hour during my daily commute in the car (only on weekdays of course).

    I'm sure you could do a lot more with Tasker, but this was all I wanted it for. Just hope he supports NFC at some point!
  10. GiggityGiggity

    GiggityGiggity Well-Known Member

    I use the JuiceDefender widget to force 3G on or off. I find it more reliable than holding the power button down and choosing to enable or disable it that way. Many times when I used the power button method to kill it I'd notice later on it was back on again in the background when it shouldn't be. The JuiceDefender widget has never failed me; once you force disable it it stays that way until you enable it again.
  11. GiggityGiggity

    GiggityGiggity Well-Known Member

    I bought Tasker but it seemed a little overwhelming initially. I do intend to look into it with more detail but in the meantime I bought Setting Profiles. Obviously Tasker can do the exact same thing but I wanted something a little less 'involved'. It's just like the profiles apps from my Symbian days but with far more options. I'd definitely recommend it.
  12. McGilli

    McGilli Well-Known Member

    In the screen I posted above, that is my setup. I have not changed anything else. That's all I needed to do.
  13. kei888

    kei888 Member

    Alright Sir, currently these are the things I've done already with my Galaxy Note:

    1) Rooted my device.
    2) Installed Titanium Backup Pro together with
    3) Advanced Task Killer Free

    I'm still observing if there will be a change with the battery life. I just charged my phone last night at around 9:45pm and it took more than 3 hours to get 100% fully charged.

    Right now, upon looking on the running apps using Advanced Task Killer Free, I've notice that the ff: were running even after I restarted my phone:

    1) Advanced Task Killer Free
    2) Gallery
    3) Mobile Security & Antivirus
    4) Titanium Backup
    5) Superuser
    5) SetCPU

    I just have a question, among these running apps in the background, which of them needs and/or okay to be frozen to reduce battery load?

    Thank you so much. :)
  14. kei888

    kei888 Member

  15. ilordvader

    ilordvader Well-Known Member

    Longevity Battery Saver
    really does save my battery life

    try it
  16. McGilli

    McGilli Well-Known Member

    I am just kind of updating this thread as I make improvements to my battery life.

    I'm now up to 6 days use and I have about 15% left on the charge.


    *You will notice that the phone is awake much more than the screen is on. This is because my phone is used as a media player through a bluetooth stereo, or is being used for voice calls through a bluetooth landline handset.

    I will update with my changes made shortly...
  17. flaxfrogfriend

    flaxfrogfriend New Member

    Wonderful! So, please, update the tutorial at the top of the page.
  18. McGilli

    McGilli Well-Known Member

    4. NEW : I uninstalled BATTERYXL. When I came to these forums is was highly recommended. Uninstalling it gave me an additional 3 days of usage. I was getting 3 days with it and now I almost get 7 days without it.

    I don't kill any processes ever. I keep the stock power widget on my home screen and only turn on/off wi-fi when it is needed. If I leave it to the systems built in power saving, or Batteryxl it never worked right.

    I leave screen on Auto brightness.

    Recently Samsung installed a new Push Client onto my Note on the last update. I froze that immediately.

    Here is how I ended on that battery charge - almost onto the 7th day.



    What I find interesting is that I leave Bluetooth on 24/7 - streaming music and used for almost all phone calls and it doesn't use more than 3% of the battery (doesn't even show in the top of the list).

    I have updated the original post at the top with anything new I have done over the past week.
  19. Zenstrive

    Zenstrive Well-Known Member

    only 15% on display? I usually got 60% plus on that one :| !
  20. ilordvader

    ilordvader Well-Known Member

    Anyone used - 2x Battery - Battery Saver

    is it better than BATTERYXL ?

    Edit: I removed BATTERYXL
    & have a better Battery Life now too

    Thanks - McGilli
  21. McGilli

    McGilli Well-Known Member

    I understand, but remember mine is %15 over 6 full days.

    If my battery lasted 3 days it would be 30%.

    If my battery lasted 1.5 days it would be 60%.
  22. Vicdude

    Vicdude Well-Known Member

    I really don't understand this obsession with getting the longest possible time out of your battery :confused:
    I hope you don't think i'm speaking out of turn but:
    When are you ever away from a power source for more than say 6 hours?
    Why don't you just leave the phone plugged in at night?
    Do you ACTUALLY use your phones or are you that obsessed with making the battery last that you daren't?
    Tasker, I like the concept of the phone adapting to your routine, but once it is set up, if you deviate from that routine, you might as well not have bothered.
    Let me explain, if your daily commute involves a car journey at 08:30 until 09:00 on weekdays, then yes it's cool that the bluetooth makes itself available without having to think about it. Now lets assume that you are delayed and at 09:00hrs you are still 10 mins away from your destination, you will have to manually turn bluetooth back on. I don't know many people who have such a metronomic lifestyle that they wouldn't need to constantly tweek their phone if using tasker.
    I'd rather turn stuff off and on when I need them, it's not hard really is it. Go into a meeting, put phone on silent, long press on volume rocker, 5 seconds, done. Reckon it takes longer to programme tasker ;)
    Anyway, slightly off on a tangent there..... what's with the obsession about longest battery life ;)
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  23. McGilli

    McGilli Well-Known Member

    Hahah ya. To me it's fun. Like, if you go to ANY forum for ANY piece of electronics with a battery - like cell phones, mp3 players, portable game systems, laptops etc - there is always threads on battery life.

    I think it's the same niche market as over clocking. Some people love over clocking, they must do it, they have to squeeze as many cpu cycles as they can out of any device.

    Or jailbreaking/rooting.

    Not everyone is interested.
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  24. salla43

    salla43 Well-Known Member

    Im using my note on and off throughout the day, no fixed routine. It would be great to have 2 configurable modes; 1) when screen is one , 2) when screen is off. Thus when the screen is on, all the bells and whistles can be programmed to come on because i am obviously in need of them (eg Wifi andor Bluetooth andor Cell connection, etc) and when screen off, i could program it to switch of all comms perhaps, going into "flight mode", sensors off, low cpu state, etc etc, or perhaps leaving on cell phone connection to monitor a call arriving, but with all other items which could be programmed off. You get the gist.

    Does anyone know a program which can allow this?
  25. salla43

    salla43 Well-Known Member

    I do find the battery life an issue simply because i am using the phone so much and it's a pain to have the thing cabled up when i am using it. I am always at risk of damaging the connector if i bump it or put pressure on it. So ideally it should charge without using it.

    Personally i would tradeoff happily an extra 50 grams or more for MUCH more battery power; but i also do think ALOT more could be done as standard to improve efficiency within the device itself especially when the phone is idle.

    Am getting perhaps 6 hours of hard use out of the thing (constant browsing or emails or gaming for example). I would love this to be doubled as a standard option.

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