iFight Pro - DROID Does Guns!

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  1. akacaj

    akacaj Member

    iFight is a funny little app that has many uses. To put it simply it makes weapon sound effects by swinging your phone. Have a friend who is whipped by his girlfriend? Pull out the whip on him. Want to get into a virtual Kung Fu sword fight? You can do that too! Want to do a pretend drive by shooting on your friends? Hook it up to your car stereo and you can do that too!
    Video demo of the iPhone version is here: iFight Pro iPhone App.
    Droid version works exactly the same but it does not have the background music yet.



  2. akacaj

    akacaj Member

    Some people actually need sound fx when they do Kung Fu. Here is how one user has fun with my app at the park: YouTube - iFight #03 - review of iPhone by SoftFunk trust me its funny! There are a bunch of others on youtube. Just search for iFight Pro. Chris Pirillo and Leo Laporte made a video using it too.

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